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3 points

Name them.

If you aren't educated enough to understand why the laws of physics prohibit people rising from the dead then nothing anybody can say is going to change your mind.

1 point


So why would anybody want to read anything further you have to say? Your title practically screams that you want attention. You're a baby crying for his mommy. Only instead of sound you are using hate.

1 point

You didn't read the description

Are you kidding me? The title of your "debate" is a blanket statement that socialists need to be ethnically cleansed. It's such a childish, desperate plea for attention and conflict that nobody is going to read any "description" you care to write because you are an obvious, clear-cut, textbook shitposter.

1 point

Ratting out competition to the cops is a very effective strategy.

It's a very stupid strategy. Rats have a habit of disappearing.

1 point

I have spent the last three months pointing out how much of a piece of shit you are

And let me guess. It's "objective reality" that I'm a piece of shit. Right? Lol. Funny thing is, that's how psychopaths usually view their victims.

You're absolutely bonkers mate. You're not even worth replying to.

1 point

Shut up imbecile.

Ahahahaha! The irony here is absolutely laughable. You behave like a psychopath and then attack capitalists for having the exact same personality type. You've spent the last three months obsessively harassing me you mentally ill rodent. And you want to have a conversation about psychopathy? Lol.

The objective reality that most billionares are psychopaths is not your idea.

Well it damned well isn't yours mate. So the question remains. Why are you stealing other people's ideas?

In fact, forget that. Why are you arbitrarily determining your own baseless assertions to be "objective reality"? Have you personally employed a team of psychiatrists and successfully assessed every billionaire in the world for psychopathy? Have you then collected the results and conducted an impartial analysis, including identifying factors of bias?

You have done none of these things. You're simply an idiot and your arguments always boil down to the exact same thing: It's a fact because I say it is.

1 point

The worst multiaccounter ever

Better than being the worst human being ever, I guess. Bye.

Again(115) Clarified
1 point

That's not what I'm doing

Yes it is. It's either that or you are too stupid to understand the difference between acknowledging history and justifying it.

I'm not interested in your infantile, obsessive attempts to distort everything I write. Please, go away you goddamned child.

1 point

Same old games. I assume you are both of them and just want people to look at you.

He might be Ramshutu. He isn't Nom.

However, you've done a marvellous job of describing his obsessive thirst for attention. And you are absolutely right that he pretends to be other people. Only a few days ago he was replying to his own posts on different accounts.

The kid is honestly just pathetic.

1 point

Why does Ramshutu's waterfall sound just like Nom?

Mate, just leave while you still have a fraction of dignity left. You are extremely boring and stupid.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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