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RSS AhsenKhan907

Reward Points:19
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10 most recent arguments.
AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

The verses you are talking about are related to situations of war. We are not allowed to kill unbelievers in times of peace. Please stop being silly.

AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

How is countering the influence of the NRA easy? Please elaborate.

Jesus was a special man. He was not God or son of God. Instead, he was a Prophet of God.

He was the Jewish Messiah. He did miracles like healing the lepers and the blind.

He was not crucified. Someone else was though.

Well, Jesus is definitely not controversial among us Muslims. He is respected as a Prophet of God. We believe that he will descend back to earth in the End of Times.

Yes, God does send people to Hell. It is not unfair for God to send people to Hell. It is justice.

AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

Hi, HF.

How will that eliminate the evil of school shootings which happen regularly in the US? And how will that take care of non-Muslim men who rape women?

AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

Islam is not based on what Muslims do or don't do.

Please provide the burden of proof. I want to see Islamic texts which encourage murdering women in particular. By Islamic texts, i mean the Quran or Hadith literature.

I await your diversions.

Your comment = no evidence that Islamic texts encourage murdering women

AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

Hello, YB. How are you?

The Quran teaches me that Allah tests people through good and bad times. So evil and suffering are a test from Allah. Therefore, i always find it easy to answer the problem of evil.

AhsenKhan907(19) Clarified
1 point

Thanks for your apology. No, i was not trashing Christianity.

I'm a Muslim. It seems you believe that Islam encourages murdering women. If you want to debate that, i can open a new thread for you.

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