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RSS AigerimE

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2 points

America Is Better Than Japan. I have 10 reasons which will impove that I am right.

1. Credit cards.

Visa: it’s everywhere you want to be…except in Japan. With the exception of one major tourist trap (Kyoto Handicraft Center), I didn’t see a single place in Kyoto or Tokyo that accepts credit cards. And checks are almost unheard of too, so people just use cash all the time. My friends over there even have to pay their rent in cash each month. They might as well shortcut the process and have everyone wear a sign saying “Please mug me.”

2. Water.

In the U.S., every restaurant gives you water right away and will continue to give you as much as you want. In Japan, you don’t get cold water unless you ask for it, and if you do, it will come in something the size of a Dixie cup. At one place they were nice enough to bring us a pitcher of water because they knew that Americans are weird and need water to survive. They say that Japanese people get enough water from other things, but I don’t see how. I was thirsty all the time.

3. Napkins and toilet paper.

Most Japanese restaurants don’t give you napkins, which seems especially odd in a country where it’s OK to slurp your noodles. It seems even more odd since a few places give you wet naps, which is more than you really need. And Japan has only recently begun putting toilet paper in bathrooms. (Perhaps this is another reason why they don’t shake hands.) Some companies have apparently noticed an opportunity here, and they have people standing on street corners handing out tissues with advertising on the package.

4. Affordable fruit.

Fruit is outrageously expensive in Japan. I saw some melons that cost $50 and are given as graduation presents (I’m not kidding!). Excuse me while I go eat a 15 cent banana.

5. You can do things your way.

One of the kanji characters is simply a box. But you can’t draw it however you like. First you have to draw the left side in a downward stroke, then you pick up the pen, go to the upper left, and draw across and down, then you pick up the pen, go to the bottom left, and draw across. The process is more important than the results. If there’s this much emphasis on the right way to draw a box, I can understand why my friend has to go through 24 weeks of classes to have a rudimentary understanding of how to drink tea properly.

6. Relatively little discrimination.

I won’t say that there’s no discrimination in the U.S., but there’s a lot less of it than there is in Japan. Right now we have a black man and a woman running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Granted, that’s for the first time, but it shows progress.

In Japan, they discriminate heavily by age and sex. They even discriminate against people who were born and raised in Japan, who just happen to have some Chinese or Korean blood. And they even discriminate against pure-blood Japanese, born and raised in Japan, who have ever set foot outside the country. People who leave and come back have to go to a special school to be re-Japanized, and they are never fully accepted ever again.

7. You can breathe the air.

Say what you will about the air pollution in the U.S.; at least you don’t need to wear a mask. The Japanese cut down massive numbers of trees to rebuild the country after World War II, and they planted cedar trees to replace them. When the trees pollinated thirty years later, they discovered that a fifth of the population is highly allergic to cedar. For six weeks every spring, you’ll see many people wearing masks to protect themselves from the pollen.

8. Casual clothes.

While you do see some people wearing jeans in Japan, you also see just about every guy wearing a suit to work, you see every kid wearing their school uniform, and you see women wearing their elaborate kimono. A complete kimono outfit with all the accessories can cost over $20,000, which makes a $50 melon look like the bargain of the century. Women usually need a professional kimono dresser to choose the appropriate style and help put it on, and in the past the kimono had to be taken apart into twelve separate pieces, washed, and resewn. This all seems awfully elaborate for daily life. Now that Memorial Day is here, I’m allowed to wear shorts to work on Fridays.

9. You can eat cookies the first time you’re invited to.

In Japan, if someone offers you cookies and you accept right away, you’ve branded yourself as a greedy pig. A person with a reasonable amount of self discipline will wait until the fourth time they’re asked before finally giving in. It makes me wonder when you ever get to be yourself, without putting on a facade.

10. The U.S. isn’t too proud to import foreign goods.

If another country can make something better or cheaper, the U.S. will usually be happy to buy it from them. The Japanese people think that American beef isn’t compatible with the Japanese digestive tract, and that French skis don’t work on Japanese snow. It was a bit ridiculous of us to snub France with “Freedom Fries,” but we’d never pretend that French potatoes don’t work in American stomachs.

1 point

You said that Men seem to be more mathematical, destructive and willing to stamp on people who get in there way. And what???

Women seem to be more responsible, careful, and communicative and so on. We can’t judge only by these criteria. And it is no matter that has more power. The most important thing is to be smart and to think about your country, but not only about yourself.

3 points

We must be equel. Who said that only men can be presidents? In my opinion woman is better in some areas. for example in education in relationships between countries. I think it wouldn't be a war. we all know that men are more agressive that women. Country will shine if there is a woman-president. Women are more responsible than men, because of their appotunity to born, to feel more sensetive and to save your and others lives.

4 points

I actualyy agree with you. "Happiness will never be bought." it is a pity that people just don't want understant it.

2 points

YOu know, it is just temperary pleasure. yes,you have this video game and? it can help you? it will make you happy in the future?

1 point

Money is the most obvious measure of one’s status, so it is easy to confuse the two, but they are certainly not the same thing at all. It is easy to point to many evils committed for the sake of status in which money was not involved at all.

I just wanna say that for people who in life just wants to be on teh top, be popular and have status, money can do them happy. But in my point of you the main thing in our life it is to be happy, to have family and health. yes you can spend your money on health, but you can' buy family,love and support. Just imagine your death? what you will think about? about money? nooo. about love,family. You won't bring money with you on the sky, but love will be always with you. I wanna say that choose love, LIFE, enjoy your life withuot money, because it is just nessasary, but not life.

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