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3 points

despite the fact, that some people claim that smoking cessation leads to stress and depression, which disadvantageously affects the process of pregnancy, cigarette smoking leads to a much worse consequences than abstinence from smoking, or human rights violations.

2 points

I partly agree with you. we can say that everyone has rights to choose whether to drink alcohol or smoke. but it's not beneficial for economy of government at all. there are a large numbers of expenses government have to make to help parents of children with congenital diseases.

3 points

But doctors and tobacco companies warn about the risk of negative consequence of smoking cigarettes and it doesnt give significant results. so the government should pass law under which smoking pregnant women will be fined, or women in pregnancy should be banned from buying cigarettes, as well as minors

Moreover, smoking in pregnancy may cause mental health problems and bad habits in offspring. According to American and Canadian scientists children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy demonstrated low levels of attention and poor memory. Also they have such problems of behavior as hyperactivity and aggression. The study discovered the link of maternal smoking even to academic performance so cigarette-exposed children’s skills in spelling and mathematic tasks were lower. According to Batty, the results of IQ test of cigarette-exposed children by age of 3-4 were much lower. So it means that, such children, in contrast to their peers, face some difficulties in learning the material in the school, in doing homework, because it's hard for them to remember information. Often they have difficulties to get on with their classmates as they are not very communicative. These children often have to turn to doctors, psychologists or neurologists, because of frequent headaches. Mothers of such children subsequently experience a sense of guilt from the consequences of smoking, as it has affected their children. in addition Smoking is a risk factor for later consumption of drugs to prevent to such effects is important to understand how maternal smoking affects on the habits of children. Has been proven that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk that her daughter will also be smoking. It turns out, when a pregnant woman smokes, fetal brain is get used to regular

3 points


The question of the health of pregnant women has become very controversial, because today children are born smaller and weaker than ever before. Very often parents face with different problems such as a birth of a child with pathology under the influence of maternal smoking. The issue is whether pregnant women should be legally prevented from smoking is steel debated. It is very important, as the problem concerns the health of future generation. The number of smokers among women significantly increased because of the rapid pace of life, stress, and the emancipation of women. However, some women cannot get rid of those bad habits even while they are pregnant. So people, think that the government should pay more attention to the conditions, which unborn children are developing in. but there are opponents, who doubt the positive sights of the issue and think that pregnant women, quitting from smoking may face some difficulties, such as stress, negative emotions and mood which can affect the pregnancy. Many people believe that women should be legally prevented from smoking, because maternal smoking negatively influence on mental and physical development of children. However there are some people, who claim, that smoking ban can create some difficulties such as stress, caused by abstinence from smoking

Smoking during pregnancy leads to physical adverse outcomes of infant. First of all, According to Swedish scientists Rydhstroem, who indicated that "Maternal smoking was significantly associated with reduced gestational age, intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth and neonatal mortality among both singletons and twins. Also everybody know, that the twins are more likely to be affected from smoking than singleton children in general. and women, who are carrying twins, should know effect of such bad habit as smoking on twin births. According to Li the risk of appearing of congenital urinary tract anomalies in offspring was higher among those mothers, who smoked fewer than 10 cigarettes a day. This is explained by the fact, that persist smoking mostly leads to spontaneous abortion and stillbirth. It confirms that even a slight smoking causes abnormalities in the fetus.

1 point

the next significant reason not to eat out is that service in restaurants is not always good. All the waiters are usual people; they may think about their own problems and just forget to serve you, or rude, that might spoil the mood for all day. Unfortunately, visitors to the restaurant cannot control the conditions under which meal is cooked, if there is enough clean, whether waiter spits in your soup or not))

In addition meal in a restaurant may be too oily, too spicy, salty, or may contain ingredients that you are contraindicated. For example, having diseases such as diabetes, people should follow special diets. At home there's opportunity to regulate and balance the food, it can be prepared with less salt and fat than restaurant food.

1 point

Eating at home save a lot of money, because the price includes not only food but also rent a table, service, waiters’ salary, and chef skills. So, the prices in restaurants increase several times. And if the price is low, then there is something wrong with quality of food.

Moreover, sometimes eating in restaurant can take more time than preparing meal at home so it can be also time-consumer. People have to wait for a long time until they are served, and food are prepared because it takes a lot of time to prepare some kinds of food. So it’s not always the good way of saving time.

4 points

As people in the cities become busier, the younger generation of urban civilians is getting used to eat out in restaurants and cafés and forget about the numerous ob benefits and joy of eating at home. Most workers who live in the city don't have enough time to eat healthy and cook at home. So they think it's better to save time. But also there are some disadvantages of eating out.

Firstly, eating at home people can enjoy communicating with family, sharing their everyday experiences, news, feelings. So the family becomes more close-knit, friendly and harmonious. For example in Italy there is a tradition when every Sunday all family gather together, visit their parents and have dinner in order to communicate, to share their company. to visit their parents and have dinner together. So Italians values the family traditions very high and cooking and having dinner with the family is very important part of their life. In the restaurant as usual people go with a company of a friend, colleagues or just alone.

2 points

Of course my propoent is right that rural children spend more time on the fresh air and grow up healthier and stronger but doing subsistence crops they do too hard job for the children so it negatively effect on their health. There is risks of developing the diseases which primarily connected with the spine.

2 points

Although the environment in the country is cleaner and children grow up healthier and stronger, living in big cities they have the opportunity to receive quality medical care. Urban hospitals and clinics are equipped with the best new equipment. And so even infant mortality is lower than in the countryside. If it is necessary, there are more possibilities to find the required medicine as there are a large amount of pharmacies. The best doctors always tend to work in clinics where there are many patients, where they can get more experience, and where the salary is higher. so it is easer for children to consult the best specialists

2 points

but children living in cities receive not only high-quality school-wide knowledge but develop culturally and spiritually. in the cities there are good conditions for it: numerous theaters, museums, exhibitions of famous artists, as well as countless number of various sections, circles, and service clubs such as music, acting, cinematography, various kinds of sports where they can exercise and develop their abilities and in the future it will help them in choosing their profession.

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