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I WOULD slow it down for you, but you ain't never gonna get that POINTING out what Obama did, in order to EXCUSE Trump, is the EPITOME of whataboutism.

The word "whataboutism" is a Russian bolshevik term used to attempt to keep the opponent from pointing out your hypocrisy. It's not working.

It's also not whataboutism to not think either President was unjustified in using tear gas. I would have used gas well more than Obama's 78 times or Trump's 1 time. Your left wing mayors have used rubber bullets. I would have used rubber bullets. That's called a consistent position, something the left is incapable of applying because they are self righteous, non self reflecting hypocrites.

1 point

I dunno... If Obama did such shitty things, WHY are you saying that it's OK for Trump to do it too??? That's the epitome of whataboutism..

I don't care what Obama did. That's the difference. I only point to Obama when the left begins crying about what Trump did that Obama did, while the left didn't care. I slowed that way down for you con. I assume you caught it.

2 points

Lemme see.. Trump wears a birds nest on top of his head, and wants you to believe it's hair..

Sadly, this may be the best I have seen the left attack Trump with yet so far.

2 points

Home?? Not at the movies?? Weren't you just sniveling about LOSING movies?? You were, weren't you? That's how hypocrisy works..

You don't seem to grasp the English language. Stating that entertainment is gone isn't going into a mob. It's stating that entertainment is gone.

Running out in the street to "protest" is going into a mob.

I'd explain English to you further, but I'm certain it would perplex you.

Tell me, who is ANTIFA fighting out there? It sure isn't us, so who is it?

1 point

Well, then.. Enjoy your movie..


PS> Frankly, I'm THRILLED that you right wingers are gonna expose yourself to the fake Corona virus.. That way, we'll WIN the upcoming civil war WITHOUT firing a shot..

The left is destroying its own cities, killing each other, and unless the Coronavirus isn't real, are spreading it to each other like a lepper colony as we speak.

Right wingers are at home not acting like a bunch of spoiled little lunatics.

There is no "civil war". You're fighting each other. If you were in a real civil war with us, we'd be firing shots. We aren't. You are. At each other.

The left playing "civil war" isn't "civil war". Taking over your own city isn't "civil war". It's dip shittery and dumbassery.

2 points

Well, what about you???? If I didn't say anything for 10 years, you haven't said anything for 4 years..

Ya see, that's not how hypocrisy works. I never cried about Obama using tear gas. You DID cry about tear gas during Trump.

Since I never cried about Obama, I'm not a hypocrite to not cry about Trump.

Since you never cried about Obama, but now cry about Trump, you are a hypocrite. Clear?

1 point

So, what you're saying is, that it's OK for the cops to gas people because Obama did.. DUDE!!! You're also saying that Trumps cops are no better than Obama's cops??? DUDE again...

I'm saying you didn't care for a decade. You missed that part.

Look.. I played whataboutism when I was 12.. Here's how it went. "I'm rubber. You're glue. Everything YOU say bounces off me, and sticks to you"

I clearly see that's the game the left plays, yes.

DUDE! Are you 12???


1 point

▪︎Tear gas some libs▪︎


Did the Obama Administration Use Tear Gas Once a Month at the Border?

Conservative web sites accurately presented the frequency of tear gas use during the final five years of Barack Obama's presidency, from 2012 to 2016.


Customs and Border Protection agents used tear gas 1.3 times per month on average between 2012 and 2016, the final five years of Barack Obama's tenure as president.](]( )

1 point

Cops hesitate more, error less when shooting black suspects, study finds

According to findings from a research team’s innovative experiments, officers are less likely to erroneously shoot unarmed black suspects than they were unarmed whites

2 points

Killed by cops by race 2017-2020

White 585 639 611 284

Black 223 209 235 88

Hispanic 179 148 158 57

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