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1 point

You are one to talk about "running on an honor system". The government created under the Constitution will be much more reliable and trustworthy because it does not rely on any group of people. And also "made in another time"? It was around ten years ago!

1 point

You can still have that in state governments. However, in order to keep states in line, we have to have an overriding power. A strong central government that will handle international and interstate affairs is needed in order to keep peace and order.

1 point

Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. Also, there will be government on many levels since we are trying to create a federal government, so order will be kept. Power will be spread!

AlexPork(4) Clarified
1 point

Actually, the Constitution creates a federal government, rather than a unitary government.

1 point

Personal rights WILL be protected, you are just being ignorant!!! We are protecting the rights of the minority parties and beliefs by giving them a chance to have equal representation. You want small republics which will give the majority party rule over the rest. However, if we have larger republics, majorities will be much harder to form.

1 point

Yes, of course the Constitution should be ratified. Interstate commerce between the states is terrible right now! Because of the way the Articles distribute power, trade can barely function between the states because the states have almost all of the power! Between this and Shay's rebellion and what it stands for, I see no reason to not ratify the Constitution.

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