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RSS Alizae

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

racism will always be an issue. generation after generation no matter what we do people are their own and some will sadly come to believe in racism

1 point

some will say dont punish death with death but just the fact that criminals who commit horrendous crimes can continue to even breathe the same air as us is a crime in itself. i believe terrorists should face the death penalty and child rapists should face the death penalty. i do 100% believe these people do not deserve to live after committing such acts. it should be a penalty that criminals are so scared of that they won't commit a crime to start with.

2 points

hello im an atheist and i believe that yes, god can stand alone without religion. i do believe there'd be no religion had there not been some sort of whateva you religious people think god is. a superior being blah blah blah doesn't matter much to me. point is, no i dont think god needs religion to stand.

1 point

no, we aren't. of course there are some who dont care about other people's religions but that applies to all corners of this earth

1 point

lmao there's no way that atheism is child abuse. if it is, then religion should be considered child abuse too which it isn't. ridiculous. not believing in god is in no way abusive

1 point

you'll probably feel like your basking in the sunlight in a meadow with a nice breeze and feel relaxed while you're drinking this flavor

1 point

i dont believe it's bad by nature. it's when sexual acts in videos are exposed to kids who aren't of the appropriate age that it gets a little different. i believe if you're of an appropriate age to watch it and like it, to each their own

1 point

i agree. there are so many overweight children and adults because of junk food. people will say some just dont have self control but how can you when huge bags of chips come for 3$ and you can get brownies, cookies, little cakes and the works for under 1$

1 point

i dont believe abortion is bad. anti abortion people will go on and on with repeating that it's taking a human life which makes no sense because a fetus's heart doesn't even start beating until 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy. even then abortions obviously wouldn't be happening if science said fetus's were alive at the time of their extraction

1 point

cold showers are probably more beneficial. the coldness of the water wakes you up and you're not spending much money because you arent using hot water. cold water is also better for you hair and skin so

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