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1 point

"Most of those interviewed said they were not aware of any discrimination. "

"In October 1973, the Civil Rights Division filed a lawsuit against Trump Management Company, Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump, alleging that African-Americans and Puerto Ricans were systematically excluded from apartments. The Trumps responded with a $100 million countersuit accusing the government of defamation.

Donald Trump denied any racial discrimination, but said his managers tried to weed out certain kinds of tenants. “What we didn’t do was rent to welfare cases, white or black," Trump wrote in a 1987 book."

1 point

But obviously the opposite is true, which is why you are here -- as per usual -- attacking the left instead of explaining why you voted for a man sued by the federal government for racial discrimination against blacks.

After looking through the transcript of what you are talking about, it turns out the suit was filed against Fred C. Trump, a man, and Donald Trump, a young man. There's not much meat on that bone.

1 point

Hitler was a Socialist, claimed to be a Socialist, led a country that was Socialist prior to him, said negative things about Capitalism as a Jewish invention, and even used the Socialist system to control production. This was common knowledge prior to Marxist professors and "historians" twisting history for political expediency. It's still common knowledge to those not exposed to Marxist indoctrination camps disguised as universities.

1 point

If saying the same thing over and over is all you have, you're a dumbass. We don't want white privileged dumbasses on our debates, now do we dumbass?

1 point

You didn't check your privilege. Off you go Nazi halfwit.

1 point

The left just destroyed their bus routes to get to work.

The left tried to shut down their businesses and lock them in their house for months.

1 point

Oh, it does.. But, the ones in your pictures would rather be MAGA dudes. I have NO idea why?

Black unemployment lowest in history.

The left are burning down their neighborhoods.

They are Capitalists and not Communists.

They believe they have the right to defend themselves against white Democrats burning their businesses.

Criminal reform.

The left is a threat to their religion.

They know the left pushes welfare on blacks to tempt them to take less and never reach for more, knowing basic human psychology is to take the easy money, so they use basic instincts to intrap them into poverty while then using welfare to pretend only they will give them their poverty fix, making them the dealer blacks are dependent on.

The left kills black police officers.

Because blacks are generally socially Conservative.

Because Democrats take their vote for granted.

Because a man the Democrats call racist did in a week what Democrats couldn't do in decades.

Because they don't believe in censorship.

2 points

Show us all this video footage you have of BLM supporters murdering black Republicans.

Never mentioned it.

Oh, my bad. You're just spreading vile Nazi propaganda

You trash Jews.

1 point

Nahhh. I just bought a brand new 9 mm Makarov for $95. Who can’t afford that?

Won't matter the cost once white leftists ban guns completely.

I would assume $98 is a lot of money to a poor person.

1 point

God you're racist dude. Is it even possible to be more racist than you? You act like Hitler.

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