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RSS AlphaBull

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

How can you demonize someone who your articles says their brain type is what makes the conservative? Aren't they born that way?

1 point

Liberals quoting liberals as sources. You're a fucking joke. Alex Jones says what you said is a myth. Stick your head back up your ass. I can smell you getting fatter from here.

4 points

His last two links were Reuters and CNN. I just looked. You made afool out of yourself again.

1 point

It's not crashing, but it would be wise to buy the coins anyway for when a Democrat takes over. Then hide it so they can't steal it.

1 point

No examples? What a horrible dissapointment. I thought you'd come up with something.

1 point

What politics is about still to this day. Democrats trying to create their own country/culture.

1 point

I read the debate. You said Nazi alot to a brown person and a moderate.

1 point

Point farming noted.

1 point

What "elitist prick?

The one who went to a fancy college, is rich, and calls black people stupid and house negro. We call them snobs where I'm from.

We SHOULD fire that elitist prick!

Trump didn't call anyone a house negro on the air.

1 point

Supposedly the libs were handing out condoms to them, so guess not.

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Winning Position: They're head cases
Winning Position: Words hurt except negro
Winning Position: Alinskyism is debate
Winning Position: Propaganda is your friend
Winning Position: No individual rights
Tied Positions: Don't drink the kool aid vs. It is run by Jones ghost

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