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RSS Ama_Deviant

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10 most recent arguments.

If only you knew the half of it :p

Oh, it's good on gas too (especially after mexican food).

Haha, I'm still offroading, damn flying spaghetti monster didn't include instructions for this car. All I know is that it looks good, and its stick-shift is huuuge :p

Absolutely! Fate is the schematic set as a grid for our development, but free will is the action enacted along said grid. Consider:

A person is very unhappy with their life, they feel empty. Their profession doesn't match their calling. For example, a lawyer that was meant to be an artist. Fate is the set of variables that prompt an artistic lifestyle and need for expression - they become unhappy and likely endeavor into something artistic when they retire to fill their need. Free will is the action taken through their life (likely guided by societal constraints [need for money, unplanned children, etc...]) irrespective of their "calling".

If you subscribe to astrology, you can think of genetic/energetic makeup as "fate", the road the human vehicle drives on, whether or not they choose to drive off the road is their "free will". :)

2 points

To live, no. To become married, yes. Hope that neatly answers your question :)

Didn't mind some of the games on the 360, but the xbox one is posing some fairly big risks regarding security. Were I to ever consider purchasing a microsoft console, the debate died with the 360 (I own a ps3 and wii u btw).

Third bathroom. I'm sorry to say I find transgender off-putting (I wish them all the best and I would fight for their right to continue their development), but it bugs me out. Give them a third bathroom.

No imperfect human being deserves the power to view a difference of opinion/belief as a mental disorder/illness. Paradigm shifts lead to drastic fundamental world views (yes there are many shifts waiting for us) and people engaging in the above narcissistic viewpoint can only say "ooops, sorry we killed your family brah, my bad hahahah" when said shifts occur.

Of course not! I mean, they should have the option as they have the right to do with their own bodies what they will, but I refuse to sit idly by while a generation of women develop sagging breasts due to their half-baked notions of liberty. Breasts must remain perky!

I disagree with the premise and alternatives presented in this debate since abortion needn't be a moral dilemma. To present it as such forces the notion that it's good or bad as opposed to simply an action.

The next feature will be stubs (in the place of legs). Not all evolution is preferable, and given our penchant for laziness, I stand by my choice :)

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Winning Position: Ama_Deviant msg to Terminator, dam char. minimums again
Winning Position: AmaDeviant's response to Terminator regarding the paranormal.

About Me

"More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. - C. P. Snow"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Religion: Other

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