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1 point

You apparently didn't read the attached journal article abstract. No one is claiming what you are arguing against. There is a word for making up an opposition view that your opposition doesn't actually hold. And stop wearing other peoples' shoes.

Amarel(4984) Clarified
1 point

It would make sense if one of the authors stated that it is unknown for sure. They said right in their intro that this is merely the first national estimate concerning the issue. The methodological challenges to the paper are called "tenuous at best" by detractors, but without an explanation other than that survey respondents probably accidentally hit the wrong response. I find that challenge tenuous at best, given that challenge undermines every survey ever.

Amarel(4984) Clarified
2 points

That's certainly as good as your abstract, no?

No. The abstract provided comes from an article in a reputable scientific journal where the authors derived their opinions from data rather than hunches.

Amarel(4984) Clarified
0 points

primarily conceived to benefit the elite and keep the slaves and peasants from taking back the fruits of their own labor.

You’re always so fucking stupid. It’s hard to take your historical misreadings as honest ignorance. It’s a contradiction to pit property rights against fruits of labor, which is another concept you can’t grasp as demonstrated in your miserable loss in the debate on Marx’s labor theory.

“Hunter gatherers” were not a singular culture, but on the whole, their lives were much nastier, more brutish, and shorter, bullshit Rousseauian sentiments notwithstanding.

humans will go from having no social constructs

Language is a social construct, and even pre-humans have it. I wonder if you will ever understand the terms you use.

to having them and then one day replacing them with reason.

“Social construct” doesn’t mean “lacking reason”.

You will be a speck of horse feces trapped under the horseshoe of history, as it is removed from old Silvester the social construct steed and hung as a decoration in the motor vehicle of reason which will run you over and then back up on you.

That’s entirely unreasonable.

Amarel(4984) Clarified
1 point

And this is why the world hates Americans.

A false supposition. Travel some. You’ll get along fine.

1 point

don't snigger and brag about it like it's something you're proud of

The first part of your post suggests I do what I want, but the second part suggest I will do what you want. I won’t. Nor will I pretend the UN is worth a damn. It’s not.

Rule of law talk is pretty rich coming a guy who can’t understand property rights.

0 points

So you were really hoping the king of the world would arrest the president. Do you ever listen to yourself?

-1 points

Some regard treaties as the most important source of international environmental law

International law is a myth to lend greater weight to diplomacy.

1 point

You can't reneg on a legal contract whenever you feel like it.

UN members are bound by a treaty. We can and have broken those. And the consequences are the same as for any other diplomatic breach. That’s because the UN is a tool of diplomacy and nothing more.

What, you thought the King of the World would order a US President to jail? Only if we allow it.

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