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RSS Ameri2ca

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I still can't believe people support the NFL, because they let players disrespect the American flag. The American flag is what makes the US the US!! I mean think about it, the American flag represents us, the American flag is us. After NFL did that, my family ditched football because it isn't worth it. Kneeling to the American flag is like not taking your hat off during the national anthem. It is all really wrong

1 point

Donald Trump does not pitch hate ok? And if you want to start talking about tax cutting, and pitching jobs, Obama didn't do either but no one talked about him like that. Donald Trump is a great president, and he is an amazing leader for America. He may have said some bad stuff on twitter, but his actions are louder than his words. And besides, he is free to say whatever he likes. There have been more Indians, blacks, asians etc working than ever before. That isn't a coincidence, Donald Trump is creating jobs for a lot of people, and he is making America Great, and once that is done, He will work on Keeping it GREAT!

2 points

Thats true! Honestly it is stupid that people think gossip is harmless because clearly it isn't!

3 points

One thing you should know about debating, is that you have to get your facts straight. You can't change up someone's words and expect to win a debate. Donald Trump is an amazing president, and he supports "Brown or black" people. And some of them support him back. So next time, get your facts straight!

1 point

Kanye West is a Trump supporter because if he wasn't he wouldn't have risked possibly losing his career. What I mean by this is Kanye could possibly have lost his career, because some of his fans may have stopped listening to him because of their feelings and opinion about Donald Trump. Kanye looks up to Trump, and Trump has inspired him to run in the next election

2 points

Stop blaming the system, learn to work around it

what does that even mean? And when people are gossiped about, and gossip back, that is wrong, and it never ends well

2 points

Gossip, is one of the worst ways of finding out the latest news at your school or in your area. We all know the game telephone right? Well you might have noticed that what is said in the beginning of the game, and at the end, it is never the same. It is the same way for school gossip. One person may hear the true story, while another person hears something different. Also most of the time, gossip is always about someone else. Imagine hearing gossip about how you have ugly clothes, or that you are poor. Gossip can ruin friendships and relationships in seconds. So the next time you hear gossip, don't pass it on. Or else, you will regret it!

1 point

I would definitely want to have a gun, because I would have a way bigger chance of survival. I mean, lets face it, when you take a knife to a gun fight, the gun will win every time. It is just common sense. And especially in the world we live in today, you probably want to carry one around everywhere you go so that you always are prepared in case you are in trouble.

1 point

He deserves to be killed. What he did was a terrible thing, and it killed innocent people. The synagogue is there so people are free to worship whoever they wish, without being disrupted. If there are shootings at synagogue's what will be next? Will there be shootings at other churches too? The person that did this should get the death penalty because what he did was wrong in every way, and he needs to pay for it. If we let it go, it could happen again. WE NEED TO STOP THIS! The best way to do that is to get rid of him and make him pay for what he did. I know there is the saying "always give people a second chance" but what is that going to cost? If we were to let him go, he might kill more people, and there is no going back. We need to do what is right, and the right choice is to give him the death penalty.

1 point

Honestly, I would like to see you do better.. NF is a great rapper, and his music career is just now taking off. His music saves people's lives and it makes people feel like they belong. His music is inspirational, and NF himself is an inspiration to others.

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