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RSS Amritangshu

Reward Points:892
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I think Trump is actually better than what most people think of him- the only problem with Trump is that he fails to differentiate between what's politically incorrect and what's rude, which is why he gets so much flak- I see him as a better candidate than Clinton and would preferably give him 4 years to run DC

who will debate u, who have always got the backing of IAmSparticus, or whatever his name, simple up vote and down vote and no logic, down vote this one as well, let see whether u do it or not

0 points

The number 1 issue the Republicans have is that they discuss politics in terms of viability and efficacy and not in terms of morality, which the Left uses to back its lies-look at Sanders, he does not care about what works , he cares about what's right, what's moral, so the best way to debate a guy on the left is to discuss in terms of morality, and that's what I'm doing, Cartman

You made 8 arguments and got 14 points, an indication that the guy who's up voting u and down voting me is either your 2nd CD account/ someone who's hell bent to prove socialism is a good concept- another palpable #LeftWingBullCrap

0 points

Yeah the left has taken it so aloft that it is still considered a good form of government, you see the Bernie millennials who shout raise minimum wage, 'we want wealth and income equality', and then you see Bernie's improbable plan where he says he will provide socialized healthcare by increasing the tax on the middle-class, Bernie says,' gimme 500 bucks,I give u 5000", that's what you call disingenuous

0 points

"Sorry, but you are talking about a capitalist system. Pointing out flaws in a capitalist system does not make me wrong."

Firstly you've not really pointed to any flaws, you merely said socialist/communist society is economically viable without any logical explanation.

"The last few decades CEOs have walked away with a greater percentage of money, and the workers who actually do all of the work have been getting less."

The reason why CEO's take home more money is because they run the business- it's not their entire money goes into their Bank account-percentage of it goes into other business ventures, part of it into hiring more employees, part of it is to open new avenues. ( and don't forget income tax)

If you don't have the capital and the employer, forget about the guys they are hiring for their projects

"If you can't figure out how to generate enough income to cover everyone's salaries you aren't a very good CEO."

So you are happy having a big government offering bailouts using taxpayer money, you are happy to have someone like David Cameron as PM, who says immigrant force enhances economic sustainability , while his name is linked to the Panama papers.

As for being a good CEO you have to ensure you create jobs for the workforce available and for that they get their due

0 points

Really what did Marx say ,"You earn two dollars take one and contribute one to the society" and the reason he said that was to ensure the big governments can offer their bailouts, give money to the native disenfranchised, who don't work, purely to remain in power, how is it justifiable ?

"Your argument that helping people eat is immoral then becomes false."

I've said unless you earn you can't get food, you can't put the gun on someone's head and say take one dollar and give me one so that I can have food, which is immoral.

"Being forced to find a new job is not voluntary, it is by force."

The reason why somebody has to find a new job is because his previous job is bankrupt and that serves as a penalty to big corporations who can't stay in business and willingly ask the government for bailouts.

Amritangshu(892) Clarified
1 point

Alright the reason why people follow the example of Denmark and her concept of free higher education, scholarships and less labor troubles, along with all her neo-liberal strategies, is because they have no idea that the US tax payers' money go to Kovenhavn to bring those benefits- Socialism works just because of their significantly less growth rate, lesser population density and because they get foreign investments from countries like UK, US and Germany

"They are human beings man. You are supposed to help your fellow man."

No doubt they are, but they would have to work to live, simply forcing a guy to take medical studies so that he can go to medical school and later provide him medicine isn't moral

"Making sure people eat is very much moral."

Really even if they don't have the money, by the way, that is what capitalism calls for "Voluntary transactions" which will give u the money

"And if you worked for that business you wouldn't have the $20 for the butcher any more. How is it moral to allow that to happen?"

Well then I've to get into another one which stays in business-again-"Voluntary transaction and consensual relationship b/w employer and employee"

You think you will win the argument by down voting every thing I say/post, try debating.....

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Name: Amritangshu 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia
Postal Code: Downs-7014

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