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RSS Analeise1

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3 points

After those 15 years, we will know where their facilities are and we can strike them accordingly. If nothing else, the surveillance during that time period is invaluable. -- Keanu. Not Analeise. I really need to sign into my account...

2 points

Analeise - Against the Deal

The Iran deal is a temporary fix for the problem at hand. In 15 years, Iran will be free to create weapons unless the deal is renegotiated. Even with the tightening on Uranium enrichment, Iran will gain enough money to be strong enough for war. They would receive their $150 billion in frozen assets and much more from being able to sell oil again. The better option would be to strengthen the current sanctions against Iran. We are currently weakening Iran's government and if the sanctions were strengthened, Iran would not have enough money to peruse nuclear weapons or war plans. Iran already provides the greatest amount of funds terrorists. By tightening sanctions, they would have less funds to help terrorists as well.

3 points

The articles of confederation are not working. States are running off on their own and, for the most part, acting as 13 separate countries. The United States of America is supposed to be united. The Articles of Confederation keeps the states from coming together. The constitution ties each of the states together. America will start acting as one country with the Constitution.

1 point

I think that we can avoid war for at least a little longer. We should avoid making them even angrier with us. Your plan will severely damage our relationship with South Korea and Japan if we attack North Korea and leave them defenseless. Abandoning our allies by launching a preemptive strike may sound like a good idea now but we might need their help later.

1 point

I think that option two is the best solution to the problem. The phrase don't poke the bear is very relevant here. We want to proceed with caution and try to solve the problem without making North Korea any angrier. According Vox news and Cnn news North Korea has threatened to return any attacks with a nuclear weapon. Because of this, if we were unable to wipe out all of the weapons we would leave our selves open to attack. Option number two is better because there are more people present to assist in delegations between the US and North Korea. China might also be able to threaten economic assistance and get North Korea to stand down. Analeise option two

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