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RSS Anastasia93

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1 point

According to global statistic, the quantity of the registered cars has reached 1 billion. It means that quantity of car is increased on 3.5% during 1 year. In America almost all people who have driving license can allow a car.

In other words, we have to expand roads because people almost live on roads and fresh is not enough.

I am not against trees, but trees in a mega polis isn't necessary. More traffic jam, more toxin gases are emitted to cars. Near 2 million cars every year emit 32 thousands poison gases during stay in the traffic jam.

My position, that we have to cut trees which located in the city but plant trees out of the city.

1 point

Your opinion is wrong because it depends on what kind of pets do you have. We living in the world where we have huge varioty of animals. For tiny small dogs which can sit on your arms till dogs which have the same height. You can not keep such kind of dogs in your own home. It doesn't matter how many illnesses they can take you have to think about size of animals

1 point

I do not agree with this position because this decision will have influence on all people.

if kind and patient dog live with small children, children will hurt this dog and even can accustomed to thing if dig does not hurt me i can do anything that i want. After it children grow up with idea that they can offend people who weaker then they. Pet influence on children's mind. Moreover, dogs or other pets can try to defend itself and can hurt children.

Sometimes people have allergy not on a special food but on fur of animal. It show that pets are not make your health strong and get worse. As though didn't love pet you can not avoid allergy.

Pet have a good influence when they live at home but children and people who will live with this pet have to realize consequences which this situation have.

3 points

"The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that Co-education creates a feeling of comradeship". Co-ed education help boys and girls in the future life because when they finish single sex school they will understand that they do not have any experience in communication with each other. In my opinion people who study in single sex school try to avoid communication with opposite sex. Co-ed education help people to achieve something because male and female have a different ways of understanding some situations or even some subject. People exchange knowledge between each other. Male show their knowledge at such spheres as computers and physic and female show their knowledge in literature and analyzing. In conclusion i want to say that friendship between sexes is a positive side of education.

1 point

Meat is a product which people had eaten before. If we go back to history we will see that the main reason why people were strong was eating meat because meat is a really product which give a power. On the other hand we live in a 21st century, why we invent new technology if we can not stop eating meat and stop this cruеlty which exist now. People have to think about why we develop space technology if we can not solve one simple problem with this such kind of action.

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Winning Position: for expanding roads
Winning Position: control son's wife action

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Anastasia Mamay
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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