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RSS AndyisHitler

Reward Points:8
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1 point

Did he PM you or something? .

3 points

Shut up you retarded proctological instrument. There is a difference between being a right wing dick head telling people not to reproduce out of pure bigotry and a practical left wing approach to combating over population.

2 points

Everyone not programmed by leftist wackjobs knows man made climate change is a myth paid for by lobbyists who compete with the oil industry.

Climate change being a myth is a myth paid for by lobbyists who are invested in the oil industry, and the coal industry, and the nuclear industry, because every industry that has lobbyists is fucking up the environment and the newer and cleaner forms of energy which aren't based on expendable resources (and thus aren't as profitable or sellable) don't have all the old money behind them because they are new.

You are a mindless fucking retarded piece of shit who deserves to be thrown in a giant blender and turned into Bronto smoothies. Everything you say is just mindless repetition and right wing group think, you unthinking fucking fanny biscuit cunter-doodle Koch Brothers cock sleeve.

2 points

Bronto doesn't know what left wing actually means, not that most people do to begin with. Even most democrats are centrists.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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