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RSS Animegirl300

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Not at all. There are people who have the skills to do well at their intended career before even graduating High School, AND there are people who won't need Higher Education for the career they want: like for those going to the military (There is can HELP but you don't NEED to go necessarily)

And I don't think everybody has the opportunity to go, nor the drive.

I think that Post-High School education is almost needed these days though... in order to get your foot int eh door with most companies...

But it's not for everybody.

? That SO didn't help to refute the statement...

First of all: believing in something for reassurance isn't a question of intelligence more than a question of either how courageous they are, or how self-encouraging.

Second: It's hard to measure intelligence really. It's based too much on how much on many things.

Third: Intelligence however can include the ability to think abstractly Christians certainly are thinking abstractedly if your ides of God not existing are correct, AND emotional intelligence is also a part of it, and religion also has a bit part int he emotional attachment.

Forth: there is such a thing as an idiot atheist... I've met em.

Just sayin.

NAH! XD I think that it's just a joke really. There are some people wh you just happen to disagree with all the time, but I think that debate shouldn't CAUSE enemies: GOOD debate should help to bring two minds together, or even just help both sides understand both issues: seeing things better.

??? <__< Meh.

Although I can see where you're coming from, I actually don't mean it in a way to say I even want them separate:

I'm more stating why the heck they would WANT it period, and giving a way to make it easier 9___9

(If They WANT to get married then fine! Not my issue anyway XD)

But meh. Foot in my mouth on that one.

2 points

Everyone is deemed trolled these days: the problem is, sometimes it's understandable as there actually ARE many of them o__o

But not everyone who disagrees, argues, insults, or etc are trolls XD

Nah. I'm too selfish and possessive to share the person I love with someone else. It also tends to cause a lot of drama.

There was also how it used to be only acceptable for MEN to marry several women. It would be better if both sex could marry other people equally...

But in general: No. I personally wouldn't like the idea of sharing someone who should be devoting himself to me.

Nope. Some people deserve to be trolled if they keep feeding them.

They're only a bother when it comes to spamming regular people who realize them for what they are. I personally don't care if you're a troll or not, or if someone is trolling you: just keep it out of my face so I can find what I need >_<

But yeah: if you are weak enough to get trolled: Seeing as people learn from experience, you sorta need to learn how to deal with people who try to get under your skin. Otherwise you can't function in many situations. And Better on the internet than in real life.

Yes, I am evil.

I love myself enough to think that everyone who disturbs my peace with their trifling opinion and even existence should be stomped out and buried in whatever way I see fit.

I enjoy seeing others in a fit of chaos; upset and uppity and bothered by frustration and misunderstanding. Fear as well.

I laugh at the pain of others, especially if I am the one causing it.

If I deem you unworthy by my own standards, you becoming nothing more than a fly to be swatted when I so choose to smite you.

Pity is not my forte.

I don't give a [email protected]#% about your pain, your needs, your history, your suffering as long as my ideals are met. If not you aren't worth thinking of.

Of course; I am evil.

However, I try my best to change it:

I rather be someone 'nice' or 'kind' than cruel and sadistic.

And for the most part, I appear to be :)

But I wonder: is it the actions that count?

Or the thoughts?

I think that answering to stupidity is stupid in itself.

The definition of stupid is:

Characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.


Tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless

More on the side of pointless, senseless, and foolish is stooping down to someone's level.

You're basically telling them that they have the power to anger you, which is senseless.

It is pointless because, if you retaliate you don't exactly GAIN anything seeing as the people around you now know about your pettiness and vindictiveness; which is also foolish seeing as you aren't thinking things completely through, like how it is going to effect your image.

That is all.

3 points

Yeah: In scripture God does give those he put in power the ability to judge the people <__<: I think Death penalty is included: especially as also in scripture the community was given stoning rights for even petty crimes...

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Winning Position: Yes!
Winning Position: Phycological
Winning Position: No

About Me

"Yo! I'm Animegirl300: However, f there are a FEW things I dislike they are incompetence, trolling, and bias. I can be a good ally, but I'm also a good enemy >;3 But please know that none of it's personal ^^ <3"

Biographical Information
Name: Kristina 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Websites: My Deviantart
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