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RSS AntiExcon

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2 points

Personally, I'd just as soon have an honorable guy in there who can't keep his balance, rather than a lying fascist crook.

But, that's just me.

Clearly hypocrisy on your part and clearly false. You just elected a man that is taking every one of Trump's border and Afghanistan positions without hiding it. And those are the exact positions you called Fascist before. By your own standard, you elected a Fascist and are now proud of it.

In a move you should be humiliated by, you've elected a man who has put Jim Crow esque policies in place for decades. Now you lick his boots. Probably because he is white and sees himself as your owner, which you enjoy because you enjoy being an animal on the white man's farm.

1 point

False, and you don't care, but here's the proof anyway simply to prove you enjoy the lie over the truth.

1 point

Might I interest you in the concept of you letting me twist your nipples in circular motions until you become moist?

0 points

Point out the grammatical error, and try not to clame apostrophes are never used when saying, "straight A's", when the AP stylebook says otherwise.

1 point

So, you DON'T know what examining a witness is.. What?? They should have had lunch and sung kumbia??? Dude!

In a court of law you let the witness respond to your questions without cutting him off any time he makes a point and shout "reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!" If the right did it, and they generally don't, the left and the media would call them racist Nazis.

Watch this, and tell me that if Republicans exhibited this behavior, it wouldn't be a disgrace.

1 point

Yeah... And Epstein had MOUNDS of dirt on MOUNDS of politicians... Clearly, that's WHY he was murdered..

Do I think Trump will pardon Epstein's procurer or have her murdered too? I DO!

And why is that? A list of Democrats a mile long were at that island.

1 point

Biden raped Tara Reade and sniffs girls. Clinton was at Epstein Island. You elected him and tried to elect his wife.

1 point

Tell me, kind sir... WHO, in the Democratic party, would you NOT call a communist???? Prey tell, WHO???

Tulsi Gabbard, Alan Dershowitz, Joe Manchin, Elissa Slotkin, Chrissy Houlahan, Abigail Spanberger, Elaine Luria , Mikie Sherrill, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

1 point

I'm not a pollster.. But, if I got it WRONG last time by only polling in Austin, I'd poll Bumfuk this time..

They aren't polling bumfuk. They are still polling the same liberal cities as before. And Communists use fake polls tactically to arouse or defuse enthusiasm to vote. It probably won't work as well as in the past due to quick access to be able to fact check everything they promote or claim.

1 point

Wha???? Dude... Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. You're a silly man.

You gave no response to the left burning down buildings, holding businesses hostage, child indoctrination, and dividing standards by race just like the Nazis did. Areyou conceding that you are no different than Hitler the Jew killer?

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