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RSS AntiThanos

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

If you have to fake things to make them look evil, and they can do nothing to make you look evil, they're morally better. Pretty simple stuff.

1 point

Looks like the left saying they were gonna cancel student debt was bullshit.

1 point

Does it matter who's right??

Yes. Facts are facts despite you rejecting them.

Nahh.. It matters who kicks who's ass

Good luck not starving without farmers and truckers and trying to shoot back without guns or the ability to use them. I'd pay to see the left try to speak food into existence.

1 point

The sense I have is NOT common, or you'd have it too.

I can't argue that it's common amongst normal humans or sensical to think mandates, censorship and canceling speech are liberal.

1 point

Pointing out that Democrats were acting like modern day Republicans in 1977 doesn't somehow erase that they censor like a motherfucker and attack protestors while freezing their bank accounts in 2022.

1 point

According to the CDC, it's because at least 3/4 of our "Covid deaths" weren't people who actually died from Covid. Most countries aren't as psychopathic or dishonest as the American left and will just give you the actual death totals.

2 points

Why aren't my multi raced neighbors killing each other?

Because most people are normal and don't hate based on anything other than the content of your character. That's why you see people everywhere of all races picking out fruits and vegetables next to each other in the supermarket.

-1 points

Probably not. Just put him in a standard prison with the normal population ... and let him live the rest of his life with all of his non-racist friends. ;-)

You don't like Amy Klobachur's puppet?

3 points

The populace is watching your desperate and pathetic attempts to blame everything you do wrong on the left.

Explain what the right has done wrong because it looks like only you can see it. It looks like you are unfamiliar with the current state of politics.

1 point

Hardly. The populace is watching the left burn down their own cities

Don't forget that the citizenry just watched the left and its media run cover for China and the WHO. They will suffer a defeat similar to the Labour Party in Great Britain.

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