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RSS AntiUncleC

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1 point

Most christians do NOT tell women to keep their mouths shut in church adn if tehy are so are men. They were told teh submitting thing because of biblical society and it was considered right then.

It never said to beat your slave to death ever. and if it did, your putting it out of context. can you please for goodness sake say where that quotation is or are you scared because you misquoted it. It also does not say the child abuse thing.

Add more if you want. I don't care as your quotes should NOT be taken seriously as they have no references so are probably lies. Also, out of context.

0 points

Where the heck does it say tha. And can you tell me correctly. most stupid bible quotes are incorrect and out of context.

2 points

Joe brooks as he isnt as famous so not many people know about him and thus people wont think of him as attractive but seriously he is vvv good looking i love him :D

1 point

TBH this is true as the demons that Jesus cured people of in my religion were mental illnesses as they did not act right and so they were placed outside of the city walls...

2 points

Definatley Joe Brroks, I mean he is attractive and also Harry Styles is fake and ugly and cant write songs and over-famous. Ugh. Joe Brooks is epic on all levels.

1 point

You know i dont get why people dont like say things like that about the koran or the torah but no just the bible gets slagged off constantly as they know that the christians dont gert stupidly mad and start killing people and burning things because of this...

1 point

Explain. I am sick of people not putting arguments but vauge comments and expected to be applauded and offered points. The bad stuff is called HUMAN REACTION. not the bible. If I wrote a good book and someone went round killing people because of it it would NOT BE MY FAULT unless I purposefully chose to make it that way. You cannot prove the authors did taht. Besides, how does that make it a disgrace to Imagination?!

2 points

everyone has to believe in something otherwise they would have no motivation for doing anything whether they believe that the sky wont fall down or that you wont die today...

1 point

Too true. I dont belive its boring exept the lists of dead people who didn't do anything intresting. that is very boring. but I agree it has done nothing to be a disgrace.

-1 points

THat is not an argument but an ARROGANT OPINION. You never mention what it has done to be a discgrace as it is not a disgrace. Tell me ONE THING it has done to be a disgrace.

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