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RSS Antifa

Reward Points:34
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Antifa(34) Clarified
1 point

The issue I think is that

The issue I think is that you're a capitalist pretending to be a socialist and pretending to agree with a social-capitalist who is really a capitalist fascist pretending to be a social-capitalist.

1 point

I am also willing to have the discussion of how to work with the police to combat abuses of power which, I agree, are way too fucking common, even though I think that defunding the police is exactly the wrong way to do that.

If you take the money out of the police and put it into social programs you can reduce crime. Would you rather pay to punish people for crimes including fictional ones or pay to prevent crime before it happens by reducing the shittyness of the lives of would-be criminals who are driven to crime by their lack of privilege in a world ruled by privileged people?

1 point

Yes, I am sad as well. We can get some back if I can get help cleaning the trolls and spammers off the site.

I will volunteer to help.

1 point

.I have been away too much lately, but I have just reconnected with my developer. We are going to start rolling out some changes. Mostly spam filtering stuff first.

Thank God. Hopefully you can do something about Nazis like BurritoLunch and AlofRI.

1 point

People don't donate tax of their own volition. It is taken from them without their consent. That's the definition of theft.

I have heard a lot of right wingers say the exact same thing. Are you a right winger?

0 points

You're just a loser, pal.

You're a privileged capitalist.

1 point

You're a parasitic loser who still lives with his parents, therefore everything you say is irrelevant.

You are basically judging the validity of my words based on my economic status, because me living with my parents and being a "loser" is due to a lack of money. You're a capitalist, plain and simple.

0 points

Lol. I literally wrote, "we might differ about the best way to get there",

You are implying that you and him have the same goal. If thats not what you meant, then you are incapable of clearly expressing your thoughts and I am not at fault for correctly interpreting your words. Al's goal is to bring America back to the 1930-50s and your supposed goal is socialism.

0 points

Don't you ever stop trying to make other people miserable you pointless little twat?

You're siding with a slave to American patriotism over a socialist while claiming to be a socialist.

1 point

I'm not even reading the shit you write any more

You don't even know the difference between socialism and regulated capitalism. You're very, very, dumb and right wing.

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Winning Position: AlofRI is right wing and racist

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