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1 point

I'm gonna take that link and grind you raw like a howling hound in heat.

1 point

Actually, you pretend the cure for guns is more guns

Actually it's teaching objective morality and objective meaning. People without those beliefs have no conscience, programmed through those concepts to stop them from killing if they snap. That's why there were no school gun deaths when Christianity was fully accepted by the population.

because you're a noxious cretin and the only thing you give a literal fuck about is profit.

Nonsensical argument from the mind of the person who created the zoo debate that he could not win.

Why? Because he most likely makes no profit off of guns.

1 point

how much more difficult it is to kill someone with your hands than it is to kill them with a weapon specifically designed for killing?

Difficulty is meaningless to someone pissed enough to kill you.

Guns have equalized things, so that someone cannot kill you just because they are bigger and tougher. Your concept neuters peoples' ability to equally defend themselves in a confrontation. It even enables bullies because they know you can't stop them weaponless.

1 point

Cool. And when you take the tanks, they kill with guns. Hence, let's give everybody a tank, right?

Nobody has tanks, and they can't be built by plebs due to complexity. Hillbillies create guns in a garage due to lack of complexity. Your logic is shit.

1 point

Because American courts are not filled with objective arbitrators but with left wing activists, many appointed by Obama. It's why they are obstructing Trump's appointments at all costs. They like governing from the bench more than governing from the government.

1 point

The left has created nothing to prepare for this cataclismic event because it's a fairytale liberal talking point, and they know it.

1 point

They could be living in the West today, free, or they could still be in Africa as slaves.

Slavery has historically been widespread in Africa, and still continues today in some countries.

1 point

The free and open marketplace of America which enslaved them for 400 years? That one? Or a different one?

The Jews were enslaved for hundreds of years. Got an opinion on that?

1 point

And you want to know why "bongos" are finding things difficult in the present?

Sure do. My grandmother was kept in a Japanese internment camp in the 1940s. What does that mean? It means I wasn't put in a camp but someone I never met was. And that was just 70 years ago. Not 154 years ago.

1 point

You've read it all too. Otherwise you wouldn't know who to call Hitler. I've read the Communist Manifesto in bed. Not a Communist.

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