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RSS Apologetics7

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Hello I am a Christian and believe that it is true. I have grown up always desiring God and to serve him. He had showed himself to me ever since. I believe Christianity is true because I see how God works in the life of Christians. There are many reasons that I believe Christianity is true. I always look back at the words of God in the Bible. The word of God has always interested me because I knew I needed it. I do not understand why people do not believe in a God. I use to have my doubts but then I have found evidence for the truth and then believed. I look around and see God's creation and think: Wow there is no way this is by Chance. I look at Israel and see the footsteps of Jesus. Where he walked and where he taught. Sometimes I can not explain to people how much Christ has done for me. I have come here at this Debate to prove that there is a God and that Christianity is true.The believe that I will be asked: Is there extra Biblical evidence? What is the Extra Biblical evidence? I believe my opponent will use Cosmological Arguments. I started defending the faith three years ago. My desire is that all people may go to Heaven and that all people may get to know Jesus. I am 16 years old and I strongly stand firm in my Faith in the existence of God. I believe in an intelligent designer. I will point back to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and will deduce the evidence in this debate. Most of all I will use deductive Logic(Formal Logic). So I hope I give satisfactory evidence and reasoning to support the truth of Christianity and existence of God.

Its not Karma. Karma is in regards to Reincarnation. I do not believe in reincarnation. But most certainly in your context this is not reincarnation nor Justice from God but just simply Gods Permissive Decree for things like that to happen.

I wouldn't necessarily want to tell you to shut up but I will stand up for what I think is right. We are Americans and I completely disagree with an Anti-American mindset. I live here. I love America and so does God. I do not like the politicians and government. But I do like the Land. God Bless America!!!!

And to Answer the Question. No it is not cool to be Anti-American.

Jesus paid the price of sins. But sins must be Justified. God is a Righteous Holy God and must do what is right. Salvation is a gift. He paid the price of sins to buy for salvation. We must acknowledge that Jesus is Savior and recieve him as Savior. He paid the price we couldnt pay but as long as we accept the gift that Jesus paid for, we can have Eternal Life. God Bless.

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God created us for his enjoyment. But then we disobeyed him after the Fall. But God still Loves us. God has always loved us and will continue to Love us. Gods Grace is greater than all our sin. Its because of his Love that he gives us Grace. Therefore; God's Love is greater than all our sin. God loved us so much he sent his son on Earth to die for us and rise again. I know that God for sure loves us Humans more than the Universe itself. If God didn't love us we would all be in Hell right now. The Earth would of been destroyed after Adam and Eve. And since God knows all things in all time(past,present,and future) then heck why did he created us if he knew he would never love us. God loves us so much he sent us his son. God loves us and does not consider us as Mosquitoes.

2 points

I am pro-life because its not the women's body but its the Baby's. If you don't want a baby then don't have sex. That Simple. I understand that its the women's body but once the Baby is alive inside the womb then the Body is no longer hers but its the Baby's body. Its the Women's body through free will and soul but not by authority. Her Body belongs to God rather you like it or not. Just a man's body belongs to God same it shall be for a women. The women is allowed to do what she wants with her body but once you kill a Baby in the womb then you are held accountable. Its a sin called Murder.

I understand that if she is raped, but sin is sin. Your job as a unintentional mother is to raise your child no matter what circumstance. God allows that to happen for a reason. All bad things are made good when God works out his plan. There is no good reason to murder a baby inside a womb. Murder is Murder. Your job would be to raise the baby to be a moral important person. To be exact, your job is to raise your child to be a mature Christian to serve Christ. You never know; maybe this Baby can lead you to Christ as it gets older. If worse comes to worse don't abort but send to an adoption center as the baby gets older. God allows things to happen so that it may come back to his Glorification. God will make good out of the baby that you do not abort the baby. Trust God and let God work in your life. Don't Abort but wait to see what God is going to do with you.

Mormons believe the 3 other books that Joseph Smith created. And claim that they believe the Bible. This is were Logic and Reasoning comes in to play. I will give an example in Mormonism when you can use Logic and Reasoning; Here is the Issue: Is Joseph Smith a False Prophet? Well lets reason it out. We believe the Bible is true. What one was made first: The Bible, book of mormon, pearl of great price, or doctrine of covenants? The Answer is The Bible. Those other books were made in the 19th century. Then since you know that the Bible came first then you must look at what the Bible says. The Bible tells us that there will be false prophets. At the end of the book of Revelation(in the Bible) it says not to add anything else in the Word of God and the Bible. God would of added the Mormon books in the Bible. The Bible says not to add any words to his words. Jesus said to watch out for false prophets. The Bible is complete and anything else outside of the Bible is not to be trusted by its words alone unless it be fully backed up by the Bible. Those books pick some verses to support the beliefs of the "credibility" of his vision. But those verses are used out of context. And Logically we can look back at the Bible and see that any prophet outside of the Bible is a False Prophet. The Bible warns of false prophets. Many centuries later this "prophet" claims to be prophet because he sawl a vision. The Bible warns people to not believe any Gospel that is preached outside of his word(The Bible). So what is a Prophet that is not preaching the true Gospel? A false prophet. Therefore Joseph Smith is a false prophet. That is one example of how to use Logic and Reasoning when dealing with Philosophy and other things. There are many other reasons that prove that Joseph Smith is a False Prophet and that Mormonism is not Christian. Part 3

They are far from Christian. They dont have the essential beliefs that the Bible teaches. They did not recieve Jesus therefore their not Christian. Like I have said before: If you have recieved then you are a Christian. Christians are Christ like because when they recieve Jesus they have a new nature that is similar to his. You only get that Nature when you recieve Jesus as Lord and Savior. You get Saved and Born Again when you ask Jesus to come into your life. You must be Born Again to have his( Jesus) nature thus being Christ like. Therefore you must be born again to be a Christian. Mormons do not believe that. Mormons believe that Jesus was an Angel. They believe that Elohim(God the Father) had sex with Mary and created Jesus. That is Blasphemy. They do not believe that Jesus is just as powerful as his Father in Heaven. Christianity is Monergistic Monotheism while Mormonism is Synergistic kathenotheism(Henotheism). They say they believe the Bible but if you really look at their other books you would have to say to yourself: They have some serious misinterpretations of the Bible. You must use Logic and Reasoning when it comes to Extra Biblical references. In other words; Whenever you look at other references that is "Bible related" you must use Logic and Reasoning to interpret and accept extra references as true. Part 2

2 points

I completely agree. They are no where near in any agreement with what the Bible says who God is nor what the Bible says who Jesus is. They don't believe the essential teachings of Salvation.

A Christian is someone who recieved Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Why is it important to recieve Jesus as Lord and Savior? Because were sinners and we need a Savior. We are helpless and need to be saved. We can't save ourselves through being a good person but through accepting Jesus's sacrifice on the cross to pay for your sins. Why trust Jesus? Because he is the Son of the one and only God. That Jesus is 100% equal with The Father and the Holy Spirit. There there is One God and three persons which are all equal in intrinct,power, etc... We can trust Jesus because he is God and is that perfect sacrifice for our sins. Jesus has always been God. Salvation is free and has been paid for by Jesus sacrifice on that cross. The only thing we need to do is believe in what Jesus did on the cross and his purpose for doing that. That is was his Grace that he did that. Then ask Jesus to save you from Hell and to be your Lord and Savior of your life. If you have done that then you have recieved Jesus as your Lord and Savior. But Mormons do not believe the Essentials of the Christian Faith. Part 1

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"Hi I am 16 years old and recieved Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 12 years old."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Protestant
Education: High School

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