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RSS Araiella

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1 point

Again we share extremely different views and therefore I am genuinely interested to hear why you are so discriminating/disgusting.

1) You told me I'm a fool because I believe in something that should be a basic right and then proceeded to attack me personally but didn't add a actual reason to why you think I'm wrong.

2) Animal and human brains are very different and animals don't argue with one another about the gender they are attracted too. Also being homophobic is not developing your mind it's excluding it from reality.

3) That doesn't need discussing it's so ridiculous. Nobody should burn alive because of sexual orientation and hell isnt a place :/

4) Answer my point when you 'debate' why LGBT advocates should burn alive not tell me I'm stupid because that is stupid.

5) Accuracy is the key but sadly you didn't quite get it. Humans won't be accepted into the animal kingdom as they can sense physical differences between and the second bit... well thanks for the entertainment.

2 points

Don't refer to your religions when stating against me because it's 2017 and LGBT people are discriminated against. You were taught to empower one another and how to accept but disagreeing is a way to undermine yourself AND be labelled as homophobic.

1 point

God also taught the act of kindness and not to judge each other but you seem to be digging yourself a grave because you just contradicted yourself:/

0 points

But what you do not understand is that someone cannot choose who one is attracted too but YOU can choose how to react to ones sexual orientation and by disagreeing with them you have labelled yourself as a homophobic person.

1. The Koran was made many years ago when it was considered intolerable but the world has changed and the human mind must develop and flourish into a mind that is accepting and understanding not a discriminatory one.

2. My personal belief completely disagrees with yours as I believe that you must be with who makes you happy and besides that is the fact that only a very very small majority of the world if apart of the LGBT community and our world is over populated and one could even say that having ones that do not fit in with the life cycle is a part of the life cycle.

3. By saying what you have you could also be saying that every women should have a child to continue the life cycle but this is impossible for some and they shouldn't feel guilty because some go against something they physically cannot do.

The life cycle is not one that should be discriminated if not followed whatever the reason and in the year of 2017 people should have this because it is basic knowledge.

1 point

Do you really believe that LGBT+ people should be discriminated against, not be given the same rights or be hated towards for something such as a gender that one is attracted too. Everybody reading the comments shown should know that you cannot choose who you like but that YOU know how to react when someone tells you something so personal to them only to be attacked by someone as negative as a homophobic/ transphobic fool. You have every right to tell the world your sexual orientation without being questioned or even killed.

1 point

You should have every right to abort a baby as this is the life of ones own and you have no right to control the way one lives it. You do not know about what has happened in their life- are they under sixteen and pregnant while still being at school with an unwanted baby or have they even been a victim of sexual assault or rape and as a result are pregnant with the child of their rapist. Yes perhaps so and doing an act like this is inconsiderate and punishing someone further for something that is not their fault. If you disagree with me, it is quite concerning and your opinion will need changing by perhaps some research or listening to stories where rates as these are high.

Winning Position: Yes, absolutely

About Me

"Hi! I'm Emily and I love to debate especially on human rights and treatment towards others!"

Biographical Information
Name: Emily 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist

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