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RSS Archie

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I cry, blame myself, punch a wall. You know how it is....

2 points

That's a dumb website. Chuck Norris is awesome!

3 points

I think that politicians should start considering Chuck Norris as the main defence for this country in times of need due to his extreme awesomeness. (;

1 point

Eeeeeeewww! Hahaha.

I don't think Hard Gay would have any problem with that. (;

Besides, he pulls stuff out of his pants all the time. Lol.

Hard Gay
3 points

In this specific situation according to the debate description they are the same thing.

2 points

Oy! Isn't it going to piss of Politico to have this debate up? (;

(Even though it is true)

1 point

You're kidding me? After all that I just told you and Altarion even blocked you from posting messages onto his profile you still try to pull this shit?! How disgraceful of you! >:(

This is some low shit you pulled! Now I'm telling you: Stay away from him!

2 points

I enjoy having a good book or my laptop while in the restroom. (;

2 points

And the hit tv show You're Mama is all proof of that. (;

2 points

Not only that, but on your birthday you don't have to buy other people giflts, they all buy you them! (;

(Although I suppose this catagorizes under "It's all about me.") (;

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Tied Positions: Laptop or Book and the Toilet vs. The Beach
Winning Position: who cares what I think

About Me

"Aquariums rule!"

Biographical Information
Name: Hayim Yachmir
Gender: Fellow
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Jewish
Education: High School

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