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3 points

Quite an astute observation on the part of the Nom.


ArchonElite(336) Clarified
2 points

I'm an elitist Jew

Stop pussyfarting around the subject at hand. I am not talking about vegetarians, I am talking about the caste system that capitalism creates and that socialism is intended to mitigate.

ArchonElite(336) Clarified
2 points

Successful people are not, by virtue of their success, oppressors.

I just explained to you that there is a difference between being "successful" and being in a higher class. Class is a fucking social construct which inherently implies that there are lesser individuals and privileged individuals. You are a fucking asinine sack of shit who deserves to get an anthrax infection.

ArchonElite(336) Clarified
1 point

You are earnestly trying to convince me in non-aggressive, non-insulting terms. When you really believe what you’re saying, you simply call your opponent stupid and ignore their rebuttals.

I am not actually rude and aggressive by default, it's just that you're extremely dumb and it gets on my nerves.

-1 points

That was a good transcript from whatever medium you copied it.

I am flattered that my on-the-fly half assed speed typing is good enough to be mistaken for a "good transcript" that you assume I must have copied.

Predictably though, and in keeping with all such publications which are critical of the status quo it does not set out in detail a feasible alternative to the existing private, free market economy.

Would you like to extensively and openly discuss my feasible alternative, or are you looking for more of a thesis?

ArchonElite(336) Clarified
2 points

The reason I do it is because english comes from england. It just feels more proper plus I am a non-conformist by nature and don't like to do things like the people around me do them.

ArchonElite(336) Clarified
1 point

I created this debate to illustrate that individuals oppress, not classes.

Class is the socially constructed conditioning of having a society with oppressed people and oppressors. If that was not the case, then rich people would not be a class, they would just be successful people. Instead there are people who are born into wealth, because it is a class and not a personal achievement. The only way to get into the upper class if you are not born into it is to be really evil, really gay, really lucky, or be one of the lucky few who are actually rewarded for doing good things by a system designed to reward mass appeal and/or privilege above all else.

ArchonElite(336) Clarified
1 point

Vegetarian is a class of people, for example.

If you want to call that a class then whatever but it's not the kind we are talking about here. You created this debate with the specific intention of blaming oppressed people for their own oppression and claiming that it just can't possibly be due to an upper class oppressing them because that just doesn't happen for some reason. The reason isn't really important, just please believe me so I can keep being a fascist.

Economic classes often form, in part, around competence and ability

Great, so Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and the Queen of England are all just better than you. It isn't due to inheritance or arbitrary stupidity, it's because those people are more competent than all of us right?

2 points

blah blah blah blah

Okay, I get it. The very fact that people do things proves that free will exists in your idiotic worldview, because if free will didn't exist you wouldn't be able to hold people accountable according to your subjective morality. I also understand that you are completely uninterested in scientific proofs and only want to use words to make yourself SOUND reasonable to idiots who don't know any better. It's also very clear that anyone who grows tired of beating a dead horse when you insist free will exists "because choices" is an intellectual coward. Oh yeah, and I am of course avoiding addressing your arguments because they're totally not baseless non-arguments and rhetorical appeals to "personal accountability" and whatnot.

0 points

The "bad attitude" is your un-American bigotry.

lol fuck America. You have a bad attitude (and a total lack of understanding) about communism because of American propaganda.

I also have a right to MY opinion and I don't give a rat's ass if it's "TECHNICALLY CORRECT".

This is a major problem with how you think. REALITY doesn't give a rats ass about ANYONE'S opinion. I am concerned with reality, opinions are meaningless to me.

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