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RSS Arsenal

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Popular Mechanics is a good publication not just for its name but for its impeccable writers. Like the ones whom I linked and who busted up your silly truther conspiracy.

Now here's where you say Ouch.


Arsenal(220) Clarified
2 points

LOL... You're naive, mate. That's not her. Its some model named DiDonato.

You should know there are no hot women on CD.


Arsenal(220) Clarified
1 point

Science disproves the literalist notion that all those metaphorical fables like god stopping the sun in the happened.

Science proves to us that staffs don't turn into serpents. Serpents don't speak with and seduce humans....trumpets don't destroy concrete walls...dead carpenters don't rise from being dead for three days.

Science relegated all those allegories into, well, just that...allegories.

1 point

A retarded ten year old can spout groundless boilerplate fire and brimstone like you do.

But an educated person provides links and sources to support his science.

I can list thousands of valid links from professionals that prove your bible miracles are physically impossible.

All you can do, ad nauseum, is run to your Bronze age book of Hebrew Mythology. Its all you got. Period.



There is not a speck of evidence... Even the size of those support your sky god.

He's the result of your unsatisfied and under developed mind.

Get a grip, man. Quit sqandering your life worshipping a non existent entity.

Tick tock.


0 points

Is it possible that your god is simply a delusion and an emotional placebo?

An adult version of that imaginary childhood friend that most rational and sane blokes outgrow.

To quote one of your holy book's heroes, Saul of tarsus, who, BTW, was a homosexual.... When I became an adult I out away childish things.


Godists see through the glass of truth darkly.

Ouch..I reckon I'm your worst nightmare, eh? An atheist who is not only more educated than you but also knows your bible as well as if not better than you.

Know thine enemy, right mate?

There is no god.

Its all in your head.

Like Thor and Zeus and Odin and Yahweh.

Get a grip, son.

His...hurry up and ban me. I consider it a compliment and a testament to my superior intellect to get banned from threads like this one.


2 points

Are you gay for old Putey Poot? As W calls him?

Listen, numbnuts...Putin is an old school soviet hardliner nationalist who will and has used any means necessary to attain his agenda. Up to and including murder and poisoning and rigging elections.

Why do you like him? Is it some sort of man crush? He'd sooner have you killed than look at you. And in fact most likely respects you less since you are sycophantic toward him and don't have the savvy to see him for what he is.

Hope this helps


1 point

The famed quantum physicist Edwin Schroedinger said no, we cannot.

He illustrated that theory with his Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment, which told us that the moment we observe a quantum particle, it is forced to abandon its ability to occupy more than one position and state, and must settle to one specific finite position and spin.

1 point

All those godists who dismiss decades of solid and proven science just because it contradicts a Bronze Age book of Hebrew Mythology and fables. Most of which was never meant to be taken literally, but rather, metaphorically.

Delusion runs rampant with those hapless wankers.

Cheers, mates.

2 points

Sound like you chaps need to brush up on your science.

Popular Mechanics devoted an entire issue on debunking you wacky insider conspiracy wankers. I suggest you read the issue and educate yourselves. All their claims and proofs were supported by experts in the fields of metallurgy and structural engineering.


1 point

The only problem with capital punishment in the USA is that its not used enough and when it is the muderer usually spends way too much time on death row. There needs to be a constitutional amendment stipulating that no prisoner should ever wait more than three months or so on the Row once he is sentenced to execution.

And these executions need to be televised. Perhaps an entire channel dedicated to it. Child molesters need to be executed, ad do drug dealers and home invaders and anyone convicted of a violent crime against the elderly or children.

White collar guys like Madoff who caused thousands to lose their life's savings also deserve the needle. Tell me their victims wouldn't dig that, mates!

Try my methods.and see if we don't see a drop in those crimes. Those who claim that capital punishment is not a proven deterrent are wrong. It certainly could be if it were used more frequently and consistently.


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"Satellite Systems Engineer for TelStar.....amateur football player...B.S Electrical Engineering."

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