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RSS Asem

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You mean if they legalize it, they taxes would go down? But why?

1 point

I think not all people are provided with computers, so that the government should spend a lot of money in order to provide each citizen with a computer, or laptop.

1 point

We do not really know the real consequences of Marijuana right? it's the same as to say, people smoke Shisha, but they have no idea of how dangerous it might be.

Asem(19) Clarified
1 point

What I mean by that is, not only native population, but also the immigrants would smoke it too. That only increases the problem.

1 point

I think its not right because there might be some hackers like bad people in real life, who would change all the updates. It might be risky. So you better think of safety of citizens first.

1 point

Do you have evidence? You just said: "It seemed...". It is the same drug as heroine, and others..It causes fatal illnesses like cancer.

1 point

As I said already, Canadians use Marijuana in things that they need. For example, medicine, and etc..

1 point

It's almost the same thing. All people think that its not as addictive as nicotine, and start smoking it. I can give you another example with Shisha. So many people around the world smoke it even without knowing how dangerous it might be.

1 point

I guess you don't know that Canada already uses marijuana in medical ways. Do not you think it would harm a lot of people? I do not think there is lot of corruption though. It would become a "TOO FREE" country, and people would go crazy. However, some state that the demand will decrease.

1 point

but do you have a reason why? and whats "almighty ganga"? I don't think your argument is clear and argumentative.

Winning Position: Yes, they should.

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