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RSS AshleiD

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1 point

Against the Deal

The deal with Iran isn't going to work. We are only delaying the inevitable. Iran will continue to experiment with nuclear weaponry and will have $400 MILLION dollars once the sanctions are released, plus the $150 billion in frozen assets. Once the deal has become ineffective, they will continue to try to destroy Israel, one of our biggest allies in the middle east. The President of Iran has made it clear that Israel needs to be "wiped off the face of the planet" and he plans to do that with the money that Iran will receive from the released sanctions. Iran's economy is struggling and with no money will soon fall. With the money that they will receive, their economy will become stronger and they will be able to carry out the plans that have been delayed for so long.

3 points

We need the Federalists' Constitution because we need a strong central government that can preserve liberties. If we have this constitution, we will be able to act on behalf of all of our citizens. The laws will be enforced fairly and consistently. The Constitution's division of power among the three branches (Legislative, Judiciary, and Executive) of the national government can also protect our freedoms and liberties by each branch having the authority to check the other for abuse, excess power, and corruption. The Preamble of the Constitution will emphasize and make the importance of individual rights a priority. This Constitution brings a structure to our government unlike the Articles of Confederation. Our nation can be governed by elected officials of our choice that are full of wisdom, virtue, and experience. Our elected officials will also have limited terms so that they don't become corrupt and drunk with power. The Constitution can also help us advance in our foreign relations, allowing us to pay our debts, protect our people, and enforce the treaties that we have with foreign countries. It will also keep the government officials from turning to their own self interests for their own advantage at the expense of the nation's citizens. The strong, central government that we will have if we have the Federalists' Constitution can settle disputes among the states and prevent uprisings. We need this constitution to help us solve many problems and to protect our nation.

AshleiD(4) Clarified
1 point

To clarify, I think we would avoid wars that we aren't involved in because it is costlyin money and lives. I also think that North Korea just wants some attention so that they can get what they need. North Korea probably doesn't want to be looked down upon. I think we should just talk to them so that we can have peace upon all countries and states.

1 point

The Us should take caution in responding to and approaching North Korea because they have created multiple nuclear weapons. The president and Kim Jung Un should have a meeting about North Korea having nuclear weapons and creating more of them just to clarify that North Korea won't use them to harm the people of the United States. I think that if we work out our issues with North Korea there wouldn't be any problems although problems with the US seems to be inevitable. There have been many attempts at stopping North Korea from creating nuclear weapons and testing them, but much and many of those attempts have led to wars and fights breaking out among the United States and North Korea. However with Kim Jong threatening us, we would have to pull our troops out of the Korean Peninsula, Japan and South Korea would be put in jeopardy of being invaded and taken over.Also, if we fought North Korea, it would destroy the fragile relationship between us and South Korea. Not to mention the thousands of lives that would be killed and destroyed. Korea hae also been creating and trying to experiment with these weapons since 2004. Today, North Korea says that they have been drawing up plans to launch ballistic missiles near US and Germany territory so the United States should take heed to their words and watch out.

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