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RSS AstralPlane

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1 point

Inches are not what suicides are measured in you fully delusional imbecile.

AstralPlane(34) Clarified
1 point

Absolute codswallop.

The English exported WEALTH, CULTURE, LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION to the FOUR CORNERS OF THE GLOBE. The modern world could and would never have been achieved without the FINE EXPLOITS OF THE GLORIOUS BRITISH EMPIRE.

Quite frankly, you are almost certainly ON DRUGS to be comparing the BENEFITS CULTURE of thieving Irish SAVAGES, who BOMB WOMEN AND CHILDREN for political exposure, with THE MIGHT AND GLORY OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE.

1 point

It's time for you to wake up and FACE THE FACTS.

The Irish are nothing more than a ragtag tribe of VIOLENT SAVAGES, who think political campaigning is best achieved through BOMB ATTACKS, SHOOTINGS, KNEECAPPINGS and other morally reprehensible forms of BARBARISM and VIOLENCE.

1 point

The English are well-known for inventing the modern infrastructure necessary to the smooth functioning of our contemporary society, while the Irish are well-known for thieving it.

1 point

The POTATO-LICKING TINKERS have no place in a civilized society and you damned well know it. Letting the Irish into pubs costs businesses thousands in unnecessary funds given that they have to nail everything to the floor to stop it being thieved.

1 point

Amarel, you are just such a pathetic person. You're a lying troll who asks me questions you know I can't answer because immediately before asking them, you ban me from your threads. It's insincere and demonstrates very clearly the childlike behaviour you exhibit when you lose an argument.

South Korea is the best example of a "wealthy nation" you can find, huh?

Let's talk about how, out of the 195 countries on Earth, the United States has the 23rd highest suicide rate. Let's talk about how any of the countries above them could possibly be considered wealthy, which is what you appear to be implying. Those countries are:-

1) Lesotho.

2) Guyana.

3) Eswatini.

4) South Korea.

5) Kiribati.

6) Micronesia.

7) Lithuania.

8) Suriname.

9) Russia.

10) South Africa.

11) Ukraine.

12) Belarus.

13) Uruguay.

14) Montenegro.

15) Latvia.

16) Slovenia.

17) Belgium.

18) Vanuatu.

19) Mongolia.

20) Kazakhstan.

21) Hungary.

22) Croatia.

1 point

Familiarity reduces irrational fear. You should go to a gun range.

Education reduces stupidity. You should go to school.

1 point


But it's not up to you!

Neither was the Holocaust. But I'd have put a stop to that, too.

1 point

You saying that handing my kid a gun under controlled circumstances is a "bad idea"

I'm saying you literally should be sent to jail for doing that.

1 point

I should've written a book with the time and words I've wasted on this ignorant cocksucker

Listen up, you semi-retarded ginger fool. Thinking it unsafe to put lethal weapons in the hands of four year old children does not make me an "ignorant cocksucker". You are a dangerously stupid idiot.

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