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RSS Astronut

Reward Points:58
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Astronut(58) Clarified
1 point

I've been good. Are you interested in casual sex?

1 point

Look.. I LOVE the people of Bumfuk, and I wish them well in their medical billing careers.

Then how is it that right wingers make more money than left wingers?


Financially, Republicans fare better than either Democrats or Independents, and tend to identify themselves as such. Republican candidates gain a significantly higher percentage of votes from individuals with incomes over $50,000 per year, and the advantage increases along with the income level, to a height of 63 percent of individuals earning $200,000 or more a year supporting Republicans. This level is the direct inverse of individuals earning less than $15,000 a year, who support Democrats at 63 percent and Republicans at only 36 percent.

1 point

Yes, we have.. WHY would we start acting like racist right wingers??

A Harvard study shows that the left is far more racist than the right. It came from one of those brilliant universities you were telling us about. Study findsliberalsareracist

1 point

If you LOOK at a red and blue map, the BLUE areas have MAJOR colleges and universities..

Aren't most of the biggest universities in red areas?

1 point

This is nonsense in every way. Islam is not actually what is portayed as in those pictures.

The Quran is worse than those pictures. ISIS recruited over 250,000 militants in less than a month.

Islam is strictly against harming any individuals.

The Quran commands death and harm to infidels over 500 times.

Plus, just because you're against Islam and you don't like leftists doesn't mean that they like each other.

Uh huh. It wasn't Leftists blocking Trump's travel ban. It was unicorns from Venus. It isn't leftists defending Islam at every waking hour like mindless cultists.

1 point

I’m a leftist. I don’t love and defend Islam.

Claiming to be the exception doesn't make your party any less of the above.

1 point

I can talk about terrorists WITHOUT impugning 1.5 BILLION people..

So Leftists can do that unless the group of people bare the cross or are Republicans. Then they are physically unable to stop being bigots.

1 point

Most of the world are Communists or under Sharia Law. Why would we give a shit if Mao snd Muhammed's offspring think we suck? Their people are all running to get to the country Trump is running and in droves.

Your people, living in Israel seem to love Trump, while you hate them.

Those countries love Democrats because Democrats make us, their enemy, weaker, and they know it.

1 point

Quit projecting your own insecurities and habits onto the rest of the debaters.

2 points

It's a contradiction of terms to oppose Stalinism and support the current Democrat Party.

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