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1 point

I agree whole heartedly, racisum was supposed to end years ago with Lincoln. Ah well, I guess no race is perfect.

2 points

Thanks so much for showing how low the human race can fall. Perhaps you should consder how you would feel if someone called you an animal. If you don't care then at least think of all the words that have hurt you over the years and how that felt.

1 point

That makes me laugh. Thanks for saying that, you just completely made my day, even if I dont agree that humans are animals.

2 points

That makes me laugh. You just totaly made my day, thank you. Keep at it dude.

1 point

You go. I agree whole heartedly. People need to learn that looks are only what covers the most important thing, your soul. Thank you for speaking your mind.

3 points

Alright, not only blacks do that. There are whites and all sorts of people that hurt others, just look at English and American history. And just because someone does something wrong it does not mean that they are an animal. Blacks are just the same as us, the only difference is the skin color.

1 point

Thats not what I read, perhaps you should be more clear in your argument.

1 point

What?Your argument makes no sense, first you say that he is the Son of God and then you turn around and say he can't be because he was to feeble. That in and of its self contradicts eachother. Where did you get this information about Christ being feble?

1 point

Sorry for not saying anything until now, but that means a lot to me. It is about how we see a child before it is born and it seems that so many people do not think of who will be.

1 point

I love that. sure there are some birth controls do not work every time, but it is there choice to sleep with a man. Even if one does not want the child there are other options than killing it. Saying that you dont want to put your body through carrying a child then your just being selfish and think twice before you have sex.

Winning Position: What is Freedom?

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