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RSS AuntieChrist

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God has helped a lot of professional athletes and entertainers win trophies.

If you're a Christian then yes, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. If you aren't a Christian then he most likely holds little to no significance in your life. Either option is fine.

In other words, you can be a proponent of filicide, misogyny and slavery, or you can stand in opposition of these things.

Your position is that either option is fine?

AuntieChrist(803) Clarified
1 point

That's because different gods were invented by different people.

Bla bla bla...

You can squirm, wriggle and tap dance all you like.

God is either inept or evil.

I almost didn't bother clicking the link, but I did and the stupidity far outweighed anything I imagined.

God saved a handful of people by making them buy new shoes and spill shit on their shirts.

You'd think an omnipotent God would have realized he'd get more bang for his magic buck by just killing the hijackers. I mean come on, at one point he killed everybody on the planet with the exception of a few dipshits on a boat...what's 19 more assclowns worshipping the wrong god?

I feel like sending an e-mail to the person who wrote that blog:

Dear Tess Haranda:

You are a stupid turd.



I spend three to four hours a night looking after my two small children by myself. It's very demanding, but far more rewarding and less stressful than my office job. I'd gladly do it full time if I could afford it.

I don't have anywhere near the amount of time I wish I had to do what I want to do, let alone use up even more time writing about things I already did.

Life is short. It amazes me the way people fritter it people who win the lottery, but keep working because they don't have anything else to do....I hate those people.

I'm not here enough to know who very many people are, but I know JustIgnoreMe's not a troll account, so that's good, right?

Their numbers are larger.

But dwindling.

As an atheist, I'm far more concerned with the spread of Islam than I am with the decline of Christianity.

Probably black gay atheists, but if you've got any one of those things going for you, chances are you're not going to be very comfortable living in a small town in the south.

It was tough to pick a side, and maybe given the amount of time and energy rabid jackasses for Jesus spend on making life miserable for homosexuals, I picked the wrong one, but as I mentioned in another debate, I frequently pretend to be a Christian to avoid harassment and at least some homosexuals (although it's sad they should have to) can pretend to be straight if they feel threatened.

It's pretty tough to pretend you're not black in a similar situation.

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