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2 points

Are you nuts? Either you are just trolling, or you've been seriously misguided. All three of those people were incredibly hard workers.

1 point

Capitalism is, simply put, the superior economic system. It almost hurts me to think that some people believe it is a system designed to only benefit the rich.

1 point

A case against liberalism? Gotcha.

Let's start with economic policy. The further to the left you go, the more socialistic, and eventually communistic, it gets. The idea of redistributing the wealth is just wrong; it tampers with the flow of currency, and hurts the people who work for their money, and enables those who do nothing to benefit from the hard work of others. Higher taxation of the rich is also wrong, percentages are percentages. Liberalism creates hostile business environments, where they demonized and buried in regulation and taxation. Incentives for lack of effort, et al, United States welfare, which provides no incentives for actually finding a paying job rather than living off government money, and does a very poor job of distinguishing who actually needs welfare, and people who just don't want to work.

Social policies. The notion of government-funded healthcare is a bad idea. The competitive free-market healthcare system has and always will be more stable and affordable than anything any politician (liberal, conservative, or otherwise) could sling at us. Liberal views on gun control are just wrong. Just because not everyone needs or wants to own a gun doesn't mean it should be hard to get one (or, in many cases in this day and age, illegal). Not only that, but it has been proven that crime rates in areas where the legal gun-to-citizen ratio is higher, the crime rate is considerably lower. The death penalty is a perfectly justifiable act for a person who has committed such a serious crime as murder. Most liberals, including one of my best friends, seem to argue that it's more humane to keep a mass-murderer in prison for life, spending millions of dollars in food, clothing, equipment, etc. than to simply end their life (which is the end result either way, correct?), putting other inmates out of danger's way.

Enough about policies, let's take a look at an individual example:

Detroit, MI. Once home to the bragging rights of highest average household income in America, in addition to, a thriving automotive industry, now is the national sight-seeing location for old, abandoned, crumbling skyscrapers and factories. This is all thanks to the liberal policies first enacted by Jerome Cavanagh, who expanded the role of government in Detroit to unprecedented levels, and set in motion it's demise. Labor unions gained considerable power, granting its members positions in job banks and access top-of-the-line health benefits, just to name a few things, which made businesses suffer. The local government also had zero competence in terms of spending, so when the wealth left the city, along with the tidal waves of forward-looking people, the big-government programs that had depended on the government's money began to collapse, along with the economic stability of the people who themselves made the mistake of becoming dependent on said programs. The wealth left, the stability toppled, and the government insisted that it would get better by maintaining those policies.

There. I have made my case, take it you wish, ignore it if you wish. And thank you for waiting, by the way.

0 points

Quit shitposing on the wrong side of the board. All you are doing is making yourself look like a dick.

1 point

Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of what Liberalism has done to us today. All of them were deeply Conservative.

How about an example of one, keeping in mind most Liberal viewpoints on gun control and SOPA/PIPA:

"“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve, nor will he ever receive, either.” - Benjamin Franklin

1 point

Liberals being douchebags to Conservatives for no good reason? Nothing out of the ordinary here.

1 point

First off, I'd just like to mention that Liberal and libertarian views are two different ends of the spectrum.

Second, are you sure it's how Conservatives/Republicans represent themselves? Or is it how you favorite news station represents them? In complete seriousness, most major news stations are left-leaning, or completely left, for that matter. MSNBC, CNN, all those. Fox News is one of the few credible right-leaning news sources, and for that, they are shut out as misinforming by other news stations. So, chances are, as you have stated that you consider yourself to be liberal (for the most part), you most likely watch one of the left-leaning news stations.

Try watching Fox some time, and even some smaller, independent news sources some time. Sit back and watch the "facts" differ.

0 points

That's a pretty bigoted statement you have there. You have, on multiple occasions, compared conservatives to COMPLETELY wrong information. I think you need to spend a little time to get you damned facts straight about who and what you are voting for.

1 point

You repeatedly mention that the government should get involved. That's like the exact opposite of what should happen. Private companies/charities/donors/sponsors/corporations have contributed more accurate and efficient research about global warming than the government ever has. The difference? The government has NO sense of how to spend money.

Also, for the love of god, don't return with the typical "but corporations are evil" thing.

1 point

Republican libertarian, but Conservatism is still x10,000 better than Liberalism.

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