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1 point

I agree that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, religion ect.. however when those beliefs directly suppress or harm another individual or group, such as the radical sect of Muslims in London harassing women, then it should not be tolerated. Allowing groups like this to continue with their behavior is harmful to those around them expressing their opposing views. No one should be allowed to impose their beliefs onto another person when it is unwanted. I don't agree, however, with completely suppressing their freedom of speech or expression. They can say whatever they like, but when that speech begins to directly cause harassment and harm, then they should be subject to some form of censorship or punishment in order to protect those they mean to effect.

1 point

To continue with your theme of using historical examples of walls, think back to the Great Wall of China that was roughly 50 feet tall and 900 miles long. Even with China's invaders primitive technology, they were still able to overcome the massive barrier The fact of the matter is, walls ARE old news and we shouldn't try to re-vamp antiquated methods that have proven ineffective. Also, not as many "Bad Hombres" are crossing our border to begin with; certainly not enough to warrant a 25 billion dollar wall. Less than 7% of ALL immigrants (legal and illegal, Mexican born or otherwise) have criminal records.

AutLopez(8) Clarified
1 point

Just how much revenue do you think will be generated by this imposed tax on Mexican goods per year? To earn 25 billion dollars (the price of the wall) by the time the wall is built seems a little unrealistic in that respect. And how long do you think we will have to tax these imports until we earn said 25 billion dollars? It seems to me that the American taxpayers are going to have to bear the brunt of the cost of this wall while we slowly gather up the money from the tax.

1 point

The border wall between Mexico and America is an ineffective solution to illegal immigration and a monumental waste of the projected 25 Billion dollars it will cost to build it. The hard truth is, this wall is addressing immigration under a false impression of the "harm" it is doing. According to the Census' American Community Survey approximately half of mexico's illegal migrants 25 and older hold a bachelors degree or higher. These are people that will benefit our economy, that will own small businesses and create opportunities for all Americans. Also, only 12% of immigrants coming to the U.S are from mexico. To invest this monumental amount of money on an issue this small is illogical. The status quo is a big enough slow on immigration. Since the Great Recession the need for low skilled workers has stemmed which has slowed the amount of immigrants coming into America. We do not need a 25 billion dollar wall.

3 points

I would first like to address a few falsehoods and detracting generalizations in your argument. You continue to paint all illegal immigrants with a very broad brush and refer to them as "filth", "garbage" and my personal favorite "lowlife greasers". While your deep seated concern for American lives is respectable, it is completely unfounded. Out of the 11 million illegal immigrants and the 20 million legal and naturalized immigrants (according to the 2011-2013 immigration statistics) which you can find on only 1.9 million of the total 31 million immigrants have a criminal record. To present that in another fashion, out of the total 31 million legal and illegal immigrants, only 6.1% of them have committed crimes, save for the 11 million coming here undocumented which is moot. That is an incredibly low crime rate for any demographic, especially considering that you have labelled them as "filth" and "garbage". Compare, if you will, this percent to the percent of males in the U.S who have criminal records which is 45%. I would also like to point out that this wall is going to be an ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars. If the goal of the wall is, as you say, to stop the flow of contraband, criminals ect. then instead of capping a brewing wound you should fight it at the source. President Trumps own pick for head of Homeland Security said that a wall will be largely ineffective, and instead funds should be focused on stemming the problem at the source. If you would like to read more of his interview with John McCain you can find it here. r=0

AutLopez(8) Clarified
3 points

You say workers will lose their jobs, but which workers? American laborers or foreign laborers, and how would they be losing their jobs as a result of the TPP?

3 points

Many Americans are worried right now that our jobs are going to foreign countries where labor is cheaper and companies are not held back by strict environmental standards as they are here in the states. This outsourcing of jobs is negatively affecting the American lower and middle class. The TPP will help people who ARE poor by forcing foreign member countries to increase their labor and environmental standards. Increasing their standards will result in foreign worker's wages to increase which will make the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs less desirable to companies. This will help to protect American manufacturing jobs

2 points

The TPP ensures that the products imported into America were not manufacured in conditions that compromise workers safety and livelyhoods, cause exsessive environmental damage, or use child/slave labor. The TPP will force the member countries to enforce higher standards across the board and increase their workers wages. If foreign labor becomes more expensive this could benefit American jobs because outsourcing labor will become less appealing to American manufacturers. Also, agreeing on a set of tarriffs for imports/exports will prevent other countries from effectively barring U.S imports by raising tarriffs on our goods. Overall, this deal addresses humanitarian concerns and benefits our global trading by addressing potentially unfair tarrifs.

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