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I wanted to see if I could represent you in court to get you SSI for you clear mental handicap.

1 point

His most loyal supporters are celebrity white supremacists and American neo-Nazi groups.

The klan donated to Hillary's campaign. She took the money too. Her mentor, Robert Byrd, was a Grand Wizard. The avid supporters of Democrats are Islamic groups led by leaders who praise Hitler.

1 point

This very well sums up why I have never been able to swallow the blue pill. It makes you go crazy.

2 points

Let's also be CLEAR about this.. Liberals have NO power, NONE.

Unicorns must have blocked Trump's travel ban and must be the ones still keeping Trump from getting his cabinet positions filled. Unicorns must have shot up a Republican softball game, blocked Conservative speakers and social media posts, and ran Republican women out of restaurants. Can't ever just take a good long look in the mirror can you Excon?

1 point

Let's be CLEAR.. I don't have ANY idea what particular liberal protest both you and RB are referencing that INCLUDES showing your penis to children.. I notice you didn't provide a link either...

You okayed having children present during vagina protests above. I read your post.

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