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RSS Ayemaker

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2 points


I must type at least a 50 character response. How unfortunate for you.

I was responding to the OP. Basically asking for clarification. You are not the OP.

If you're that thirsty for attention I'm sure my dick can fit in that massive mouth of yours and you can drink some living water.

Just like Jesus said...

2 points

Uh...yeah. Did you actually read what I posted? If you did, please read it again and take it as a whole. I'm not saying that super smart people are animals. I'm saying that they are somewhat disconnected from normal "Average" Humans. They may overlook the simpler things is basically what I'm saying.

1 point

Smart people are great. I love smart people. They solve various problems in a timely manner and generally make life better for everyone. I myself, am merely above average according to standardized tests. So I won't include myself in that category.

I absolutely do not want the highest IQ people to be running the world. It would be a nightmare.

Do you think a genius like Albert Einstein could make rules for society? It would be an absolute mess. Sure he's great at building shit, and figuring out the speed of light or whatever. Do you want him figuring out what is the "optimal" amount of sleep you need per day or how many hours you should work at your job?

The smarter people get the less they are in touch with the average person. They are just above it. I don't say this in a mean way, it's just that the higher that IQ rises the less human you are. Don't get me wrong, we need that too. It just has no place in actual governance.

That's why I think an average of every voice is the best solution. It may be slow and clunky but I think it will keep the suicide rate low. Just sayin'

1 point

I agree that pure Democracy is a non-starter, but you can't put the smart people in charge and just hope they make the right choices for everyone. This has been well proven by the military. Smart people make good strategists but not good leaders.

You just spouted some nonsense and really didn't think this through. There goes your "critical thinking". The really intelligent people are kind of disconnected from the real world. They will make decisions that look good on paper but in the real world are almost impossible to implement.

A good old general consensus will move us forward in a positive way 99% of the time.

0 points

I'm not sure I understand. There are Heroes everywhere. If you mean superheroes like Batman and shit, then no I can't provide any examples.

1 point

I didn't need this news report to know this type of thing was going on. Our southern border is weak. It's much easier to sneak into Mexico and then cross the border on foot. All them overseas folk already know this too.

Them stupid Libtards won't ever wake up to this.

1 point

Maaaannn, that is a crazy question.

I do think that is one of the main reasons Dems don't want increased border security though. Bring 'em in, pay 'em off, and get the vote.

When I say "pay 'em off" I'm just talking about the free healthcare and welfare, anybody would get that though.

What they do is demonize republicans in the media so that the immigrants coming here think the best thing they can do is vote Democrat.

They don't want to wait too long so babies are not what they are focused on.

1 point

Well, both groups hate the Jew. If there was ever a better reason to come together, I can't think of one.

1 point

I don't know about living in yurts but if we run out of fossil fuels, won't the whole thing solve itself? You can't cause pollution from fossil fuels if you can't burn them right.

1 point

That is so lame. You make God seem like you own it because you give it a specific name. Who the f#@k is Yeshua?


There is no god but God. Names are meaningless.

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