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RSS Aymane95

Reward Points:14
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I hardly trust anyone a part my parents and it's rare to find trust worthy people these days if you want to trust somebody start with yourself unless you have an imaginary friend J

1 point

The problem with America is its wicked corrupted government waging wars and setting up a new world order by killing innocent people

1 point

I'm neither , scientists are manipulated and financed by government , they are linked to each other , the government cannot control minds and dumbing down society without scientists

1 point

it is not odd for me if you are happy you will be able to smile most of the times and that does not make you look like a goofy , on contrary for being sad you do not smile at all .

1 point

USA with all my respect to Americans has not history , Freemasons who built this country by bogus and fraudulent monetary system . The American government is monstrous they destroyed many countries and killed many civilians during wars .

1 point

The men who do rape women are sick and have emotional issues , it can end in murder in some cases but for me it's monstrous than murder itself because it will be difficult to forget in short term and not easier to do it , so the person who got raped will have to live with the painful experience of rape .

P.S : Either men or women can be raped I just gave an example

2 points

Well all the world should change the educational system , from my perspective it sucks and grades measure your effort by memorizing facts and formulas not your intelligence , that's the ability to use knowledge and learn it on your own understanding .

1 point

They taste the same no big difference between them for me

1 point

Well there is nothing bad about earrings chiefly for women they look more attractive and pretty with them in special occasions contrarily men they don't fit with them . Besides , it's something made for women it's not a requirement but something extra sparkly and stunning

2 points

i'm highly interested in translation so i'd like to be a translator or interpreter despite my family always disagree with this but i do what i want and what my mind tells me to do ;)

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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