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RSS Azizjon

Reward Points:13
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1 point

Laws are right and they are proven by citizens of certain country. As orangeraght said peoples lives cost high for their relatives in some countries. Ceremony of burdening is too high and last several days.

1 point

According to religious point of view people who did suicide will never be sent to the Paradise, so if men has problems solution is everywhere. God gives us problems due to our power.

3 points

the result of evolution is Human, don't u think that its somehow strange. Evolution or Haos are not able to create humans like me and you we all created by God in its image.

4 points

I believe in God. Fact is everything has its own creators and the creator of both Paradise and Hell also creator of our universe is God.

1 point

Of course, government should kill this kind of people in order to avoid further pollution inside society.

Azizjon(13) Clarified
1 point

you are absolutely wrong if you think so please give some evidence for you statement where you said Islam is violent religion. For example the faces of religions like Muhammad (SAW) or Jesus the weren't violent persons, if you know.

Azizjon(13) Clarified
1 point

I am in the same opinion with u, there are some people who is not clever and who is wrongly have understood the idea of being Muslim. Islam is the religion of piece, friendship, love and briefly the way of happy life.

1 point

where u get this info? May be this information belongs to those terrorists who are against this brilliant religion-Islam. don't trust to everybody and every source ok!!!

1 point

It is wrong at all, because for example there is a saying among people "Two heads better than one", some issues that you faced requires others opinion. You can't detect your mistakes in something while talking to yourself. HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE!!!

1 point

People have to talk to people, not to themselves. In order to be an open person you have to speak with people whom you surrounded, this indicates your humanism

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