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RSS Aztec_slime

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1 point

I always laugh when an atheist looks at me and says, "You are a Christion? look at science! it proves you are believing a lie!" because when I look at an atheist I say, "You don't believe there is a God? look at science! it proves that you are believing a lie."

It is funny how Satan has lied to the world so much so that they are now believing that science is against God. When really, God is the god of science, God invented science, God uses science as a tool, and science bends to the will of God.

There are lots of respected atheist scientists that have come to God because of what they have studied in science. And really, it is shocking the amount of biblical truth proved by science. Just watch "The Case for Christ" to see what real scientists say about the existence of God.

1 point

The thing about just saying ice cream means that I could have any type of ice cream. even brownie ice cream. but I won't because I don't like brownies.

1 point

The definition of a sandwich is "an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal." A hot dog bun is technically one piece of bread.

Also, a sandwich is eaten with the pieces of bread horizontally. And if you still think that a hot dog bun is 2 pieces of bread, those pieces of bread are eaten vertically, so it is different.

2 points

I love how I look at atheists and say that they completely ignore science, but they look at me and say "you believe in a God? you must completely ignore science!"

1 point

The Bible tells us to question the people who claim that they are profits. But once you do know that it is coming from God, then don't question if it is right, but you can study it and see all of the angles of it. You can ask questions about it but not if it is true.

1 point

Ha! No, God created science. Satan just has this nasty habit of taking things that God made and make them into something that tryes to harm Him. The Devil has just blinded a lot of people to the science that supports God, which is way more than does not.

2 points

Dude! of course he is the bad guy. He thought that he was better than the most righteous and sinless thing in the world! And why would he cause people to murder each other and for selfishness and lies to run wild if he was really the good guy? He is clearly the bad guy to humanity.

1 point

evolutionists say "What are the chances that there is a God? the percentage is very small that there is a God." OK. what do you want the percentage of a chance to be for you to count it impossible. 0.01% maybe? well just look at how you think the universe came to be. what are the chances that this big ball of rock that we call the earth just happened to come into orbit at the exact right distance from the sun so that we don't burn up or freeze. that alone is a very small percentage. but then you have to add the fact that there is a very small chance that this planet just happens to have all of the things that we need for life. how convenient. that is a very small percentage also. and there are more things that you evolutionists believe that have a very small percentage of actually happening. while the existence of God is only 0.01%?

1 point

Just look as science! Macro Evolution is impossible. DNA cant change it just cant. there is no possible way to get different strands of DNA than your parents have. how do you explain that. Also, just a though. the Australopithecus skeleton Lucy, is not only just a small part of a skeleton, but the only evidence that this was a stage in early human evolution is that the hip bone shows that this monkey could walk on its hind legs. But what they don't tell you is that a bone in the ear that they have discovered, shows us that it most likely walked on 4 legs most of the time. and now I am describing a monkey.

1 point

No! Our whole religion is formed around truth. We think that what is in the Bible is the only true truth and that anything that contradicts it is from the devil. We are afraid of the lie that people are convinced is the truth. think of this: All of a sudden, all the people that you know think that murdering somebody is completely OK. they think that it is the truth to murder people that you don't like. and then they ask you if you are afraid of this "truth" that breaking the law is fine. We are afraid of the LIE and what it is doing to you.

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