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RSS Azze

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1 point

OK, but what if i am remembering my dream as I'm dreaming it. Like I can't wake up, but whatever is happening in my head as I'm sleeping I remember? Does that mean I still woke up to early?

1 point

lil wayne is cool but eminem is better. hands down. more soul-meaning

1 point

whoa whoa whoa. back up. since when did become about me and my girl? if you want to think that this edward character is so fly your going to be alone for a while because honey let me tell you something your not going to find him.

book sucks so does edward. no pun intended

1 point

just because of a bunch of girls obsessing over the idea of Mr. Perfect Edward DOES NOT MAKE IT A GOOD BOOK just because the book appealed to a bunch of teenage girls which possessed them to break up with their boyfriends because they didn't measure up to Edward's standards DOSE NOT MAKE IT A GOOD BOOK!!

1 point

are you sure your a "m mam?" She is too pathetic. She gives real teenage girls the feeling that you need to be so hung up on some boy. which is ridiculous. She is everything a girl shouldn't be when it comes to boys. She is weird, awkward, lame, pathetic and doesn't need to be. And if you don't think that the Twilight serious is a chick serious your delusional. And the book the writing, the language, the story itself was long tiring, brain dead, waste of time chick serious.


0 points

Bella is SO pathetic! She literally NEEDS Edward in order to survive. Dude if you need a guy that much to the point where you can barely breathe and someone needs to find you in the freezing ass woods and someone needs to find you and then the next few months are absolutely nothing to you, you really need a reality check. Jacob brought her back from her sulking pathetic ways. He made it so she could "survive." And yeah he gets with the daughter, BFD! What is you point. Yeah it's a happy ending, DUH it's a chick book what do you expect. I am just saying that it is just flat out sad. And if you believe that a girl should react that way to a stupid boy leaving then I feel sorry for you and whoever decides to be with you. GOOD DAY, SIR!

1 point

"the world may never know......................................................................................................................................................."

1 point

you call me a troll/idiotic human being and im a child. your going to destroy me, you have never been wrong in your life and im arrogant. seriously whose the child here? and i down vote you because what you say is one ignorant, two "childish," three annoying, and four just because i dont like you and love to see you get so butt-hurt about all this. so get the tampon out your ass and take a hike. stop acting like a prissy bitch and get over yourself. i have never been wrong in my life haha you must be so loved my your family and have so many friends that never call you back.

0 points

ok i wont call you honey. harry potter does not suck balls jack ass you just think twilight is so great because you want a butt buddy like edward. well here's a dose of reality you ain't never going to get someone like that. so have fun in make believe land. oh yeah and FINALLY:twilight series and the fans suck balls

1 point

well sometimes you believe in things involuntary. you cant help but to believe in the boogeyman, yet people do

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Winning Position: impossible in the real world
Winning Position: Is there such a thing as true love? Is it there an age limit on love?
Winning Position: Marriage is outdated

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