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1 point

Should religion be banned.. ? same precepts

[fill] the house at pooh corner. A place where sauron risides.

1 point

Technology is a thing.

A Skill we humans have allowed.

Technology gained . from tech/wise students.

Mix Sci Fi and the world around us.. An d many gravitate to tech studies.

But who teaches?

The very peeps society calls dreamers.


Albert Einstein

" Imagination is far more important in understanding reality than intelligence"

Einstien 'imagined relativity'

Teachers who understand.. are the 'missing link to this'

-1 points

There is know known mechanism in your small small world.


Most live opinions and opinions are like assholes . everyone has one.

9 points

Who are you to say what IS?

REALITY.. is not defined except that it is real. If it were not we would not be here.

To say 'This iS' or 'This is not', is pure hubris.

The default position is that ghosts may be.

As are black holes.

Who here argues black holes are NOT. NONE

1 point

Moral Absolutes are ... a thing for idiots

To quote modern movies.

Only the Sith think in absolutes.

1 point



Good or bad are grey. I can theorize species without. But Humans love good or bad.

We are BiPolar.

Thats what makes it god

1 point

Classifying history is silly..

For example..

Some technology from '43 is now prominent in 2010.

Roman roads somewhat define the world rail grids NOW.

Who Was Tamerlane..And why is he forgotten.

The WEST. And brit history applauds Montgomery.. Yet he was a fool.


EDIT: i 'touch' appon issues. 4 decades of reading?

1 point

PS.. I have met may 'underage peeps' who were so much smarter than their parents it was spooky.

One 8 year old had me cornered on Perspective in art and i had to tap out..


1 point

This is difficult.. as the extended nature of the argument suggests.

Many yonglings want nothing more than to be 'fashion icons'

The Free will we allow and respect they have grabbed by the tail.

Yet they are under the aegis of the parents.. usually mother. Who is acting out.

You want free kids.. . Change the laws of controll over people by family members.

Mum knows best... CRAP.. mom is usually an ignorant peasant.


Winning Position: Unresolved

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