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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Well, it's like acting like your little finger cut is like Herman Cain's oprression as a black man.

Nobody is talking about Herman Cain's colour except you.

I see. You don't like me mimicking and mocking the left concerning skin color.

You're a ridiculous wingnut orangutan who needs a spelling lesson.

Why are you debating and/or having conversations with orangutans? And how are you familiar with their language?

1 point

LAPD coronavirus cases spike

Cases have been spiking in Texas and Florida, two states which voted for Trump in 2016.

Cool. When compared to the leftist state of comparable size, New York, they look cleaner than the inside of a car wash.

Weird how you don't mention that.

I know Nom. You need me to explain the word "hypocrisy" to you again. Ya see, the left is demonizing events as super spreaders, and not the right. We don't point to your violent, murderous riots because we think of them as "super spreader events". We point to them when you try to call anything EXCEPT them "super spreader events".

1 point

It was a rhetorical question, Bronto. I am fully aware that you are stupid.

Oh? Guess which one of us is convinced that chopping off the penis of a toddler because it could be oppressive to their possible reverse gender identity is a really bad idea.

1 point

"the left was arresting people for going outside"

No they didn't - people could always go outside.

I would call ticketing or arresting people for going to church while staying in your car, the park, surfing, etc a full blown contradiction of your narrative. So was the left's reaction to protesters at the Michigan state capital who were outside, which was also referred to as a "spreader event".

And after all that, let us not forget what burrito so profoundly pointed out to us.

The transmission rate of Coronavirus is significantly lower outdoors than it is indoors

0 points

What is Trump's plan for a second term?

▪︎Finish the wall

▪︎Protect the 2nd Amendment from Biden

▪︎Don't let the Communist left create even more chaos and death in the streets

▪︎Protect statues of abolitionists from the overtly racist left.

▪︎Get the economy going again, and this time they can't say he inherited it from Obama.

▪︎Keep China from taking over the world, seeing the left can't stop licking their totalitarian police state boots.

▪︎Pass legislation to protect non Marxists from being censored and banned from the social media monopoly.

▪︎Round up ANTIFA.

▪︎Weed out more Marxist professors, who have been working for China and funneling our technology to them.

▪︎Aim for a 40,000 DOW.

▪︎Campaign for Mike Pence, Donald Trump Jr, Ted Cruz for President vs Pokahantas Warren or Andrew Coronavirus Cuomo.

▪︎Get unemployment back down even further.

▪︎Bring more jobs back from China to America.

▪︎Try for a 30 trillion GDP

▪︎Open up the eyes of more minorities to what the barbaric left has become.

▪︎Finish the unwokening of a generation of kids.

▪︎School choice

▪︎Turn the states that the left let be taken over by Communist terrorists red.

▪︎Hit the left daily on Obama and Joe Bidengate

▪︎Replace Ruth Ginsburg with a Conservative Supreme Court Justice.

▪︎Pack the courts before the left can.

▪︎An alternate option to Obamacare.

▪︎Divide Texas into four red states and give them a larger total of 6 more Senators as a collective whole.

▪︎Get rid of fillabuster if we win the House and the Senate and change it to majority vote instead of a super majority.

▪︎Move the nation's capital to the South or Midwest.

▪︎Put Yale University and the name of the Democratic Party on the restricted list of names for promoting and participating in slavery in the past.

▪︎Put a Native American statue on the top of the dome at the Capital Building like was done in Oklahoma City.

▪︎Declare a month of choice "Republican Black Lives Matter" month.

▪︎Make "Marxist tactics" a required course in the public school system.

▪︎Let Mexico have California

▪︎Declare March 5, 1973 "National Brontoraptor Day"

1 point

between teenage idiots doing something inadvisable

Their recent kill count is more than the annual kill count of black men by the police. And leftist "adults" are egging them on and heaping praise on them. Congrats on that.

and the President of the United States doing something catastrophically stupid

Cool. So how many people that attended that small rally ,that the left mocked the size of, have died? I'm gonna guess zero seeing the experts now say the virus has lost its potency.

1 point

The transmission rate of Coronavirus is significantly lower outdoors than it is indoors

Well that's interesting. Prior to the riots, the left was arresting people for going outside...

1 point

One side is protesting police brutality

By killing more people in a week than the police kill black men in one year.

1 point

What on God's Earth

So now it IS God's Earth. Interesting.

does the man's color have to do with whether or not he has Covid-19?

Well, the left tells us a black man is affected 10,000 times worse by the virus and systematic racism than any other ethnicity, so isn't it obvious? If it's not, that's because you have so much privilege that it has blinded you to the fact that his blackness is a clear disadvantage in well, every aspect of life.

Are you stupid?

Well, if I were, you would have won at least one out of the ten million debates with me. You haven't. I could ask you the same question, but what the helm for? I already know the answer.

1 point

How is it "leftism" to point out that Herman Cain has contracted Covid-19?

Well, it's like acting like your little finger cut is like Herman Cain's oprression as a black man. You just puked your privilege all over him. You've used leftism to manifest said, white, leftist privilege on his disadvantage. Pretty sick. You should just be safe and check your privilege next time.

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