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RSS BabyNom

Reward Points:29
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2 points

I was literally just outside five minutes ago retard. .

1 point

I highly doubt that. You are one of the same tribe. You're a white privileged elitist.

Stop being mean to uncle Nom you big poopy breath stinky butt head poopoo face wiggley poo!! You're a big fat farty pants diaper man.

-1 points

Now we will hear from those who deny science when it tells us that the unborn baby is a living growing human life.

Let's strike a deal, you admit that the scientific evidence points towards evolution being true and I'll admit that developing fetuses are people.

0 points

We ARE, however, trying to convince you, that in this great country, BARRING HARM, we're FREE to BE who we wanna BE..

You're free to be who you WANNA BE

From is stuck on an ODEYSSEY

off hallucinogenic christian theOLOGY

he thinks a pastor is SCHOLARLY,


bastards are promoting a rotten POLICY

1 point

Yes, because while they are attracted to the opposite sex, they are still attracted to the same sex as well. Therefore, they are straight and gay.




BabyNom(29) Clarified
1 point


I like juice, I like Juice I lEIK JOOS fhxfgjkhhjkgfhdgjhsdigodgisutnhiitfhojtoj

1 point

Now you're confusing subjective stuff with objective stuff and saying that what is objectively subjectively true to you is subjectively objective to you. Even though saying it is only real to you is an acknowledgement of the fact that it's not objective in the first place. Plus you and your subjective "truth" don't exist seperate from whatever is outside your subjective reality, even if you think the number goddess is what generates your existence it's still something outside of your subjective realm that your consciousness relies upon to objectively exist and experience it's objectively subjective reality.

0 points


You're a bloody menstril vagina filled with multiplicities herpes infested micro-wanks.

'I believe all forms of socialism have been proven over time to result in a loss of both economic and civil liberties,accompanied with increasing poverty''.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Winston Churchill.

The problem with capitalism is that innocent children are born into extreme poverty and insanely evil and greedy people are born into extreme wealth. Not to mention the useless garbage that gets people rich like fidget spinners and gay pop music when there is research that needs funding and starving children to feed.

The only problem with socialism and communism is that every time they have supposedly been implemented they have done the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Because instead of collectivizing the means of production or making sure everyone has access to the basic necessities of life they centralize production in the hands of the state and create a similar situation as that which you see in capitalist countries. A few people get everything for being fat greedy tyrannical slobs and everyone else gets nothing for being the ones who do all the work that makes society function. So basically the only reason it doesn't work is because it's not socialism and it's not communism, it's an even more extreme form of capitalism where the state owns everything rather than corporations.

1 point

You would be someone else. You wouldn't be going down the same quantum paradox time loop of split realities.

2 points

Now I must eat.

What are you eating? Is it an omelet filled with bacon and peppers and made with goat cheese?

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Winning Position: Swell guy=Nom
Tied Positions: homonculus cat potato vs. True
Winning Position: Yes

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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