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BagelMan(16) Clarified
1 point

Dos XX

Dos Equis (pronounced almost like "dose eckways") may be inconsistent in it's quality and this could be once again due to the green bottle. I got it once and it was very nice but then I had it more recently and I was like "this is shit, who drinks this fucking garbage?".

Corona, which is very similar is consistent despite having a clear bottle and I think this is because it is a very light beer which isn't affected by sunlight in the way a heavier, more complex lager like heineken may be. That punches a hole in the theory and maybe I was just too unrefined to notice how shitty Dos Equis is at the time.

I recommend trying Sapporo. After that move up to darker and darker beers. A true connoisseur's journey is like the journey ahogill/Antrim's wife took when she started cheating on him. She started with the white beers but the beers she took eventually became longer and blacker with a higher abv sometimes too, which started a lifelong hatred of bongos when she was finally caught.

1 point

What is your favorite beer?

There are four beers which are contenders:

4: Sapporo

Sapporo is a beer from Japan. Literally the least unpleasant beer I have ever had. It almost lacks flavor completely (yet it isn't watery) which is why it is only in fourth. It has 0 harshness though, the harshness is worth it to an extent if there is complexity and flavor but if you are a layman light beer fan you should appreciate sapporo.

3: Stella Artois

It has a crispness and evenness to it's bitterness which isn't overpowering and it doesn't have the skunkwater attribute despite coming in a green bottle.

2: Boston Lager

You aren't American, and are in fact a commie if you disagree.

1: Guinness

Guinness is one of the most nutrient dense beers and you are a pussy with no palate if you can't get past the slight harshness and enjoy the more complex flavor profile.

Here's something extra. You know how heineken has a watery, skunky aftertaste? Well the beer Becks (also in green bottle) is like an inverted heineken. The initial taste is kind of watery and skunky but the aftertaste is incredibly bitter in a sharp way.

1 point

then it's got to be Budweiser.

Even though this user no longer uses the website I feel it is of paramount importance to address this. Budweiser is genuinely, objectively not a good beer and disagreement is a matter of being too used to it and cheap things in general resulting in an unrefined palate. I seriously recommend anyone who honestly prefers budweiser to try other, actual good beers and maybe stop being such a poor loser if actual good beer is too expensive for you.

1 point

if a society is constructed in such a way that some folks are being left out, that society is broken, not the people it decided to neglect

Reality itself is broken by your definition and facilitates the existence of fascism and similar things far more readily than it facilitates a situation which can work for everyone. In fact, it doesn't facilitate the latter at all in almost any context. Reality will smash your limbs with a hammer and laugh when you call it the one who is broken as will society.

Your reaction to this debate (which is a troll debate btw) is very emotional, you are disgusted with the cruelty and unfairness the universe will keep indifferently manifesting long after you're gone. Making society fair is a less realistic goal than killing off the entire human race.

The greatest evil doesn't come from letting evil exist, it comes from trying to eradicate it. It comes from plastering ideals over a messy reality and trying to force it into unnatural shapes. Honestly the less you can manage to give a fuck about anything that doesn't have to affect you the more you win as long as you don't take that to mean "ignore potential risks and opportunities that have to do with politics and economics etc". If you want to make life more fair, look for opportunities to do so but be aware of the severe limitations and the fact that you are acting on an opportunity and not an ideology about how nature shouldn't be the way it is.

1 point

Potato salad .

1 point

You may wish to live with some "non-freedom". I don't..

You may believe defending liberty is "suicidal recklessness". I don't.

The facts remain that non-freedom is what you are literally stuck with either way and partial freedom is all there can even be at best and that if you take courage to it's extreme it becomes indistinguishable from recklessness.

1 point

Your "racism" will be confined to this tiny, unknown corner of the internet where it will eventually disappear. Whether it is actual racism or not depends on how you define racism, but fact is you wouldn't get away with anything you say on 99% of platforms these days. My point here is not that you are wrong or right, but that either way your type of speech will lose and you are wasting your time.

1 point

1. Do not obey in advance.

In advance of what, what the authorities tell you the facts are?

2. Defend institutions.

Which ones?

3. Beware the one-party state.

And beware the illusion of choice when it's multi-party but still the same institution/establishment that lesson 2 tells you to defend blindly without specifying which institutions to defend.

4. Take responsibility for the face of the world.

By virtue of the fact that I am 1/7 billion humans I am 1/7 billion percent responsible by default relative to the rest of humanity and closer to 0 if you take into account how much damage I do compared to others who may individually be worth an entire million people or more in damage on their own. whether I take more responsibility than most or not is a personal choice and based on what others are doing it would be an uphill battle.

5. Remember professional ethics.

And remember that not everyone plays by the same rules. It's better to be flexible when necessary to adapt to them than be a loser/slave.

6. Be wary of paramilitaries.


7. Be reflective if you must be armed.


8. Stand out.

These lessons are not contextualized enough to actually be valid/wise lessons. In the wrong situation, you are telling people to paint a target on their back or be unanimously seen as a freak or an enemy by the wrong crowd for no gain.

9. Be kind to our language.

You're basically saying to respect/preserve American English I think which is silly since language is meant to evolve over time and American English isn't even the original or superior of the two main types (british and american).

10. Believe in truth.

If its true you don't need to believe it, only be aware of it.

11. Investigate.


12. Make eye contact and small talk.

Are you discriminating against people with autism here? lol jk

13. Practice corporeal politics.


14. Establish a private life.


15. Contribute to good causes.


16. Learn from peers in other countries.

k but what about superiors or inferiors or deeming such classifications as a social construct etc?

17. Listen for dangerous words.

There are no inherently dangerous words, there are only dangerous ways to use them or allow yourself to be effected by them.

18. Be calm when the unthinkable arrives.


19. Be a patriot.


20. Be as courageous as you can. If none of us is prepared to die for freedom, then all of us will die under tyranny.

How enslaved are you to the notion of freedom if you would be courageous to the point of suicidal recklessness instead of putting up with some non-freedom in favor of a balance of safety and freedom?

1 point

I am going to use an automated penis machine to insert a cork into your penis hole and then use a mechanized penis twisting system to twist your dick until the cork pops out.

1 point

Speaking of communists, does anyone know if Nomenclature is still around? Did he finally suck start a rifle?

Do you know why kittens get high on their mother's milk?

Because it comes from cat nip.

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