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RSS BaloneyHead

Reward Points:210
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10 most recent arguments.

already unsustainable population of the planet skyrocket from 8 billion to more like 16 billion

And you're for open borders into overly populated countries. The only way to explain your rationale is if you are a little retarded kid at a keyboard.

How Insane Is The Religious Right?

The left just had a man win a Miss America pageant and is stupid enough to attack Christianity when most leftists are Christians. I can only hope you're stupid enough to keep it up until California and New York go fully red.

2 points

No defense again. Good. Even you, a died in the wool lefty can't defend the shit. That's your argument. I, Excon, can't defend my shit party or my shit party's actions. I, Excon support a party that does everything I feared Trump would do. That's who you are dude. Makes me feel even better about being right wing. You've convinced me. Why would I want to join someone who can't even attempt to defend their leader? I wouldn't because I'm not a god damned retard.

Look at this clown. He's reduced to deflection. He knows he'd call it Fascism if it were Trump. No wonder you guys are losing voters like rats off a ship. You deserve to lose. You have no good ideas and can't defend your shit ideas or your shit leaders. It'd be funny if it wasn't like watching a 10 vehicle pile up of fertilizer trucks in slow motion. Your inability to defend it tells all Republicans that they are dead right when they point out what the abomination formerly known as liberalism has become. I'll take your non argument for what it is. An admittance that your party and your leader are shit and that you ass hats shouldn't be in control of anything, much less a government.

2 points

The left covered the same story. Are you really this clueless and pathetic? Let me guess. This is where you run off again and pretend you never saw the articles or the debate because you have no interest in holding a Democrat to even half the standards you hold Republicans to. If a liberal journalist gets raided and offed, I guess it's just collateral damage for the cause. Right? Imagine if Obama, a liberal pillow producer and a journalist got raided by the Trump era FBI. You'd be losing your shit right now telling us it was a "threat to democracy" and "he's Hitler" and "this is Fascism. Where are right wingers at?" Yeah, we both know you would you unprincipled little bitch. partner/

Well, I'm sure Biden whacked him, aren't you?

It's been done before. Hell, it's been done to politicians and Presidents.

Silly people.

What a response to a liberal disappearing after being raided for investigating someone. Not one single alarm bell went off in your brain. Do you even wipe after you shit? I mean seriously.

Well, that's trumpism for ya! Pretty soon anyone with an opinion that is against all but the stated RW opinion will be illegal! When the stated opinion is everyone must surrender their weapons

Left censors anyone for wrong think on social media, raids homes of their political opponents, journalists and even the My Pillow guy, tries to make having a firearm illegal and tries to force mandate vaccine shots equals that it is the right that is dangerous to Americans. Makes sense. Who in their right mind could argue with bullshit logic like that?

We're not barbarians, we use mortars now, and babies won't fit in mortar barrels whole. You need to cut off the limbs with hege clippers first, and who has time for that?

Don't give the left any more ideas. You and I both know they are now chewing over what you said and considering it as a political strategy.

2 points

Do you BELIEVE that Democrats drink the blood

Right wing network gives boot to quack, so right wing bad. Was that your point? Or was your point that the right booted quack and you wanted to pat them on the back?

I better answer or you'll think ill of me..

No one cares if you answer. We're fine with you being asked a question that makes leftism look dumb while you sit here dumbfounded and lost for response. I would assume the right prefers the version of you that is lost for a logical response day in and day out on here. They probably feel empowered that you stay in a constant state of bewilderment and confusion as to how to best answer any right wing question. In my case, I don't feel any way because I simply think you're an uneducated clown who never grew up. Therefore, I don't give a shit whether you sit here every day with your head shoved directly up your ass or not. Go for it. Come on here and prove you're a little retard evey day. I couldn't care less.

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