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RSS BaloneyHead

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1 point

The idiotic statement I replied to was about "Cubans fleeing Cuba", not "the poorest of the poor". There are 11 million people living in Cuba you world class idiot.

God you're dumb.

The Cuban hustle: Doctors drive cabs and work abroad to make up for meager pay

HAVANA — He knew as a child that he wanted to be a doctor, like his father. He went to medical school, became a general surgeon and ultimately a heart specialist. He practiced at Cuba’s premier cardiovascular hospital, performed heart transplants, and published articles in medical journals.

For this, Roberto Mejides earned a typical doctor’s salary: about $40 a month.

The average American makes more than that in a part of one single day.

1 point

an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods

Like the mafia? Check.

That doesn't even make sense Pinnochio. The entire point is one uses the free market, and one steals through physical force and threats to your life. So you lost yet another debate.

1 point

Your implication that one cannot own a business and become rich in Cuba is, of course, completely false Nazi horseshit. Like everything which ever leaves your idiot mouth.

It is not uncommon to meet Cubans who own six-figure casa particular or paladar businesses, making more money than most Americans

He was dirt poor. That's why you were provided a link showing he had nothing. He's also only one of many examples of similar stories. You never take on this point, but always try to deflect to an unrelated point.

1 point

Thank you for linking us to ONE guy.. Did I mention that you referred us to ONE guy.. Do you really think ONE guy is the left?

It's more than one guy. It's the whole left wing school system.

1 point

Oh great. More empty conspiracy theories

The pre page and post page have been screenshot and archived. There's no way to dispute objective data that no one denies that is recorded in many other places other than Wikipedia.

an unhinged fascist ideologue

He's a brown man married to a Spanish speaking immigrant named "Paula Martinez", who was born in Colombia, ironically, according to Wikipedia.

So a man who -- much like Hitler himself publicly stated -- has dedicated his life to "owning" libs, is making accusations against libs.

Hitler never made this statement, but as we all know, you are a Marxist, so seeing that lying is a part of the framework of your manifestos, it's safe to correlate why you are lying now.

Well, that's explosive news isn't it?

Kamala Harris's record being pulled is explosive. Her prosecuting a highly disproportianate amount of African Americans as a leftist is even more explosive.

1 point

That's why I like it here.. We don't gotta please nobody

Explains why you left Seattle for a redder state.

1 point

Oh, OK. So you have no claim to the land then? It was multicultural and Jews are a real religion/fake race.

Then Palestinians have no claim to it, so since Israelis are there, they own it now. It was just a landrun that happened in 1948 on unclaimed land. The Palestinians should have participated in said landrun. They didn't because the term Palestinian wad made up by Arafat.

1 point

No one reads your posts dude. You should keep posting anyway though.

1 point

I find it odd that you claim to have been raised Jewish but don't know what the laying on of hands in prayer is.

The laying on of hands is a religious practice. In Judaism semikhah (Hebrew: סמיכה, "leaning [of the hands]") accompanies the conferring of a blessing or authority.

In Christian churches, this practice is used as both a symbolic and formal method of invoking the Holy Spirit primarily during baptisms and confirmations, healing services, blessings, and ordination of priests, ministers, elders, deacons, and other church officers, along with a variety of other church sacraments and holy ceremonies.

0 points

To bad the Corona wasn't in full swing when that picture was taken.

All while leftists are rioting and looting and attacking people and destroying minority homes and businesses as if the virus went on time out and destroying your own cities makes sense because you are geniuses.

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