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RSS BananaHole

Reward Points:40
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BananaHole(40) Clarified
1 point

And we're still worth more than you to the site and IRL

No you're not, excon is a mainline liberal robot and his views will not improve humanity in any significant way and you're just an insane narcissist

1 point

This is my favorite DMX rap. .

it's good.
1 point

Yes, I totally agree with you. Maybe there is hope for you yet. If you can at least see that Dermot is a dirty little blue waffle cunt cheese hole then perhaps you can see that that is what America is as well.

1 point

For once you are correct, Quantumhead.

He suspects the universe is a simulation because he sees evidence of it, whereas you merely have adopted the belief to help you cope with how bad I am beating your ass in the rap battle. You keep tellng yourself "It's ok Mingi, it's just an illusion, reality can't hurt's only subjective that FactMachine raps way better...yeah, subjective... yeah..." While you rock back and forth, sucking your thumb.

2 points


Stop giggling like that you gay little schoolgirl.

I don’t have to lie

Yes you do, it's called being a pathological liar. Don't be a pathological idiot.

It’s an existential debate (like religion)

Religion doesn't deal with the existential, it deals with the conceptual and imaginary you halfwitted doofus.

1 point

Computers aren't humans. Computers are programmed, humans are not. Humans make choices, computers don't.

Were you not programmed to type and speak through repetition?

1 point

This is a tough one, because I agree that they're pussies, but I still don't think they would let him do that.

0 points

Modern science has confirmed that there a nonmaterial component to the choices we make.

No it hasn't. Prove me wrong.

-2 points
1 point

Humans value human life more because they are humans, need I elaborate?

In reality no one and nothing matters, the universe doesn't care if you live or die whether you're a precious little human snowflake or not.

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