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2 points

I suppose if you ignore history, you can claim anything.. But, flapping your gums does NOT make it so

The left attacked Operation Warp Speed, calling Trump an idiot, saying you can't rush a vaccine, saying no vaccine had been created this quickly, and that it would be unsafe to take a vaccine without a 3 phase, step by step process that takes years. Now they demand you take it despite one being recalled. Care to address that for us, or are you too busy snorting leftist tribalism to just speak from your brain like a normal person who isn't a political hack?

1 point

Here's the short of it.. Before Trump, the CDC was a SCIENCE based organization..

It has never been a science based organization, nor is it now. It's an organization funded by the pharmaceutical companies, and it does its masters' bidding.

It was the gold standard.


Trump, however, installed some political hacks into the upper echelons of the CDC so that POLITICS, and not SCIENCE, were leading the CDC..

Uh huh. It makes you feel better now that the hacks are white Democrats who are in bed with white Republicans, both of which do as they're told by the established order?

So, being a person of science, if a POLITICIAN tells me I should take a vaccine, I'd NEVER, in a million years do it.

Sure you would. Ypu act like liberal politicians are angelic beings. I hate all politicians. It's simply to what degree I hate them that decides my vote. It just turns out that now I hate Schumer and Pelosi more because I'm a free thinker and not a tribalist dicktard rooting for teams rather than what is logical and helpful. You on the other hand. You put your nose directly up their butts and inhale as if it were cocaine. If I put Democrats' exact quotes over a Republican's head in memes, you'd seek to trash the logic. If I put Republicans' quotes over Democrats' heads in memes, you'd seek to support the logic. If I saw Democrat quotes over a Republican's head, I'd seek to remove him from power and call him a RINO. If Joe Biden does fine, I'll vote for him. That's the difference between you and me. You're on the plantation doing your masters' bidding. I'm free.

But, now that the POLITICIANS are no longer in charge of the CDC

They objectively are.

Its recommendations are once again SCIENCE based, and should be taken seriously.

That's interesting. Fauci was and is on both teams because he works for the white establishment that you adore. He said masks won't help until he said they did. Then he walked it back later. He's taken both positions or swapped positions numerous times. You wouldn't believe a person like that in real life, but you will make an exception in this case because your overlords have given you permission. How's it feel to be a slave? I wouldn't know. Do tell.

2 points

So, are you saying that the Democrats haven't changed much??

No. They don't even resemble the Democratic Party of 5 years ago, much less 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

Well, I'm here to tell you that they HAVE..

No shit. They went from free speech lovers to free speech haters like Nazi Germany and Mao's China. You say you don't like that part, but you vote for it, so guess that makes you a Commie.

There's been a whole lot of changes, most of 'em you don't like..

Well yeah. These people are Communist psychopaths who support looting and burning down minority businesses, and then the District Attorneys letting the looters and arsonists go. Apparently you like white Commies burning down cities for being Capitalist. They see you as a useful idiot and nothing more.

The last time the Dems held power, they tip-toed around the Republicans, begging them to back even one teeny tiny part of Obamacare, and even though it was a Heritage Foundation plan, the Republicans spit in Obama's face..

It did jack up premiums to mind boggling levels, causing millions who were paying for insurance to not even be able to use their insurance. And then it monotarily punished anyone who didn't buy unusable insurance. Being pro Obamacare wasn't a moral position. It was a deranged position. You left more people without healthcare than you gave it to. That doesn't make you a good person. It makes you a sick person.

THIS time, ain't no pussyfooting around. The Dems HAVE the power to remake this country, and they're gonna USE it.

Ah yes. They've promised free healthcare for all (which Obamacare wasn't, nor was it close), deleting all student debt, reparations, stopping the offshoring of money by the 1% to avoid taxes etc for 60 years. And? They've had all 3 branches multiple times. Never seen any of it at the federal level. Why? Because these people are full of shit. The 1% pay for their homes. The colleges are their indoctrination centers and cash cows. The pharmaceutical companies buy their swimming pools and cars.

But, let's keep it real. Biden hasn't done anything for you in 50 years, but you will be groveling before the white, liberal god nonetheless because it makes you feel good. Why does it make you feel good? No telling, but I can theorize, so I'll do that now.


You prefer the white man lead you by the nose to void you of all personal responsibility.


It's easier for you to pretend there is this future utopia in order to fulfill the psychological hierarchy of needs for meaning and purpose. You must believe "Heaven" exists on some subconscious level in order to go on as a human being.


You're just a fool who is easily played.


Tribalism. Whether the political position makes sense or not, you must vote as a monolith because you've always voted as a monolith. You see it as a sport. Even if your team's coach is pure trash and so are the players, it's still your team. Only in this case if they lose, so will you, and the prize isn't no trophy. It's white Communists putting you back in chains. Good luck with that.

1 point

It's not really hard. I point out that the Democrats said the vaccine was unsafe for months and now demand everyone take it, and you sit their dumbfounded for a logical response, but still think you're right because of feelings and tribes over logic and reason. Again.

1 point

Then why don't Aliko Dangote, Patrice Motsepe, Oprah Winfrey, Mo Ibrahim, Mike Adenuga, etc employ or donate to these folks in mass?

Why do you only want left wingers to donate? Why do you only ever list left wingers?

Because when you condemn the right for not helping while the left can't even start the movement, you're a hypocrite.

Your party wants his statues down

Why do you always tell left wingers what they want and don't want?

They tell us, and what they say never makes sense.

Oh, I forgot. It's because you are a total and utter idiot.

Your ideology promotes 5,000 genders while people who get sex changes only choose between 2 genders to switch to.

2 points

Well when you order him to do it then...yeah

How incredibly fitting of you to go with the Nuremberg defence, Herr Amarel.

You seem obsessed with Nazism. That explains why you call people you don't like Jews.

0 points

Suggesting that you wanna keep everything for yourself is an insult to humanity..

Then why don't Aliko Dangote, Patrice Motsepe, Oprah Winfrey, Mo Ibrahim, Mike Adenuga, etc employ or donate to these folks in mass?

I know this Jewish guy.. He says, "I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

Smart fella.

Your party wants his statues down. Let that sink in.

0 points

Lemme see.. While the world is protesting police abuse of black people, you want the police to abuse more of 'em??

No way. Abolish them. They tried a police free zone in Seattle. Multiple rapes, 5 people shot. There were almost as many black people shot just in the CHAZ than black men killed by cops all of last year. If the Seattle cops were commanded to do their jobs, the CHAZ's kill count would be zero. But, Seattle's cops work for a Democrat who thinks 5 people being shot is a "summer of love".

1 point

If your spouse kicks you out of the house

This is when you sneak in the back door and push them out the front door.

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