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RSS BananaOfWank

Reward Points:94
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His approval rating is higher than when he was elected.

You have over 5,000 puppet accounts. You also wear lady's underwear.

I am definitely for it. Especially Jessica Rabbit. I'd eat her like a fruitcake.

No but you has no problem with old men laying your daughters like donkeys.

I am thoroughly intrigued by the proposition of eating you like a salad.

2 points

When my country WAS great, the world strove to live UP to our standards..

Oh, how I LONG for my beloved country.

Back when it was less left?

Now, we live DOWN to theirs.. There was a time when dictators were NOT admired..

I thought Turkey was this great Islamic nation.

I saw you purposefully ignore a debate challenging you to tell the site which of Hitler's views you disagreed with.

That is your account. Everyone knows about your puppet army and tactics.

Marxism is a bigger threat, according to the New York Times in 1989. It's much worse now because they took over the schools, Hollywood, and the media, and have now indoctrinated an entire generation. It's why the Democrat Party of today looks nothing like the Democrat Party of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.

Supporting Evidence: NYT 1989 (

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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