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RSS Bandoula

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2 points

Religious books deal with 2 matters : morals, and answers to metaphysical questions. When it comes to the Bible, morality has a higher standard, since Jesus asks us to beware from the inside (eg. Coveting = adultery, hate = murder, etc) .about the Truth, the whole existence of Christianity, and the base of the answers Christianity gives, are in Christ, the second person of the Holy trinity who became a man and died for our sins. So believing in Him is the sine qua non condition.

That said, we must remember a commandment of Christ : don't judge lest you be judged, And also remember that only God knows the secrets of each soul.

1 point

Muhammad was a merchant that knew quite well the ambiant civilizations : the Coran is a mix of Old Testament tales told in a different way, roman law told with different technical words, greek science, and arab superstitions.

1 point

I tried to read it, in arabic, since i'm an arab speaking person, still it was too hard to read. So i stopped. BUT. I read many excerpts, and comments on it, and ... i still am not convinced by your theory.

1 point

Yes , similar. Except for the part they deny the divinity of Christ, and his death and resurrection. Which is the essential doctrine of Christianity. well ...

1 point

You can be anything you want to, it's a free world. It is a free world because neither communists or muslims took over yet, in fact.

1 point

While atheists and liberals are whining how persecuted they are because a parliament of a state - PLAYING BY THE RULES OF DEMOCRACY _ refused gay marriage, or something, Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria, bombed in Irak, persecuted in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and other countries, etc etc

2 points

The first a lebanese does, is search lebanon in every new network he joins. :P So, here we are... marahebz fellow citizen.

0 points

Yes, no more rational medium stances .

0 points

Hizballa is at the peak of his motivation and power , Israel on the other side is tired, have internal confidence issues and less powerful than before, even in appearances.

1 point

Mcdonalds must get back to his farm man! he has a family to look after. Why you want to eat him?

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